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Aussie Woman to be Questioned on Las Vegas Shooting

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After the events of Sunday night in Las Vegas where Stephen Paddock opened fire on festival-goers, Marilou Danley became a person of interest to the FBI. However, she was not in the country when the massacre happened.

According to reports, this ex-Gold Coast woman is known to be Paddock’s girlfriend. She was living with him in Mesquite, North of Las Vegas. The FBI located her and found that she was in the Philippines. She has been called and arrived in the US for questioning.

In the days before the shooting, Paddock had transferred $100 000 (AU$128120,00) to the Philippines. He then checked into the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Las Vegas shooter's girlfriends has been called in for questioning in the US

Queensland Man Has Met the Las Vegas Shooter

Jordan Knights has met Paddock when he went to visit Danley who is his aunt in the US. According to him, there was nothing about the man that raised any eyebrows. He also mentioned that Paddock did not look like someone who would know about guns.

Knights believes that his Aunt would have had nothing to do with what happened.

Family Receiving Death Threats

Once it was revealed that Danley is connected to Paddock, internet trolls started making death threats to the family. The family includes her children from the previous marriage and their father.  One of the daughters said that her father does not know who Paddock was and why he committed the crime.


The police in Las Vegas are in the process of investigating the tragedy. Hence, Danley has been called for questioning. Paddock, unfortunately, turned the gun on himself after he finished with the shooting of the festival attendees. The police also found out that the Las Vegas shooter used Danley’s hotel card at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

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