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Australian PGA Sees Contention at the Half Way Point

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Golfers, Adam Bland and Harold Varner, hardly have anything in common aside from their joint-lead in the Australian PGA championship. The golfers, otherwise, are worlds apart.

PGA Australia

Australian PGA Golfers

We see this as Bland, a left-handed golfer, is a quiet family man residing in the Adelaide Hills within the Craigburn Farm area. Bland became popular when he went on his Japanese tour.

Contrastingly, Varner is a right-handed golfer. More so, his personality is outgoing and bubbly. He loves basketball. He is the son of a used-car salesman in the US. However, the golfer achieved most of his success in Australia.

Despite their contrasting backgrounds, this weekend, the two have one thing in common and that is; going up against golfing legend Marc Leishman.

Golfers go Head to Head at Australian PGA Tour

Bland vs. Leishman

Both Bland and Leishman will be playing in the third round on Saturday. Both golfers will be starting on 12-under. Bland, however, takes confidence from a pair of six-under 66 rounds along with all of the knowledge he has brought.

In 2010, Bland managed to come in second place at the Australian Masters. Both Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia were present at the Victoria Golf Club at the time. Bland expresses his pride stating that he’s happy with his 2010 results considering the competition. Further, Bland states that he feels confident about his game play over the last week.

Varner vs. Leishman

In the first two days of the Australian PGA, Varner and Leishman played alongside one another. Leishman managed to push through into contention with an amazing six-under 66 to be seven-under heading into the weekend at the Royal Pines.

Varner comments that his American rival has played very well and that he’s going to need to pick up his game if he wants to get through the weekend.

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