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New Barangaroo Casino Resort Forced to Build a Tourist Viewing Deck

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Barangaroo Casino is said to have been forced by the government to include a tourism viewing as part of the developments. The report by The Daily Telegraph says that the group’s Design Advisory Panel is pushing for the deck. That may go as high as 250 meters but the shareholders were really not keen on it. Design Advisory Panel is a body made up from the government and in many instant cases, they wish is law.

Image of Bangaroo Casino Project


New South Wales Government Dictates Its Own Terms With Barangaroo Casino Resort Deal

Since it was revealed that Crown Casino has won the rights to build their flagship casino. The whole project has been estimated to cost in the region of over $1.2 billion. The Barangaroo resort has been dubbed as the one to take over and attract top VIP gamblers. The fall of the casino in Macau, a lot of analysts believe that Bangaroo resort will be the direct benefactor. From the players who were playing at Macau.

This is still in direct competition to Echo Entertainment’s The Star Casino that is currently in operation in the area.

The New South Wales government has demanded that the new buildings omit the Crown logo. It was also reported that the casino developers were told to move further back from the waterfront. From the chief architect at the construction site, the developments are expected to be complete by 2021 the latest. This is despite Echo’s deal ending two years earlier in 2019.  

The Tourist Viewing Deck: What are the costs?

The total costs for the additional features are yet to be declared although sources close to the happenings say this may cost million dollars.

The tourism ministry views this as an act to attract the non-gambling audience as the balcony will face the historic Sydney Harbour Bridge. According to the spokesperson, this will not only aid the tourism department, but the resort will benefit as the visitors will spend time at the casino.

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