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Bitcoin is a virtual currency that can be traded without going through a third party. Bitcoin in online casinos can therefore be extremely useful. The system provides a secure method of moving funds in a completely anonymous way. To use the currency, you simply need to download the Bitcoin wallet onto your computer or mobile device. This is where you will store your Bitcoins, bought at a Bitcoin exchange and then sent to your wallet.

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Bitcoins and Online Casinos

The virtual currency allows anyone to play in online casinos. They are not controlled by any country’s laws so it is impossible to restrict their use. This means that even players in the United States can safely enjoy online casino games.

Funding online gambling accounts requires players to select the option in the cashier section of the casino and follow the onscreen prompts.

To withdraw funds they simply request a withdrawal, at which point Casino credits are converted back to Bitcoins in the same exchange rate they were bought.

Benefits of using Bitcoins in Online Casinos

  • Transactions are instant
  • There is no transfer of information during transactions which guarantees anonymity.
  • There are no player restrictions
  • There are no identifying documents required by casinos to process your withdrawals.
  • Bitcoins can safely be used to deposit or withdraw funds from online gambling accounts.

Tips on using Bitcoin in online casinos

  • Find casinos that convert Bitcoins into casino credits instead of using Bitcoin units to wager
  • Withdraw your Bitcoins after each gambling session


Bitcoins offer a fast, reliable and anonymous way to transact in online gambling sites. They’re accessible to anyone in the world and most of the best online casinos in Australia now accept them.