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The usage of ClickandBuy in online casinos has grown throughout the years. This financial institute launched an e-wallet is service and it launched it in 1999 and announced it will be winding down operations. After more than fifteen years of providing efficient and safe online payment services the e-wallet will no longer be processing transactions. ClickandBuy has been trusted by more than thirteen million clients as a premium online payment method. They became so popular because of their user friendly account registration and transaction processing set up. Hundreds of online casinos used the e-wallet as one of their preferred deposit methods.

ClickandBuy logo

ClickandBuy and Online Casinos

As from the 1st of May 2016 ClickandBuy will no longer be processing payment transactions. From this day individuals will not be able to deposit new funds into their ClickandBuy account. Players at online casino sites who have funds in ClickandBuy accounts are advised to use their funds before this date.

Any funds the ClickandBuy account holders do not wish to use they should transfer back into their bank accounts. Account holders will still be able to withdraw funds after 30 April 2016 but only for a limited time. They will also be able to view their transaction details.

Tips for People Using ClickandBuy at Online Casinos

  • Use all funds in your ClickandBuy account before 30 April 2016.
  • Make arrangements to withdraw the funds you do not want to use from your ClickandBuy account to your personal bank account.
  • Change your preferred deposit and withdrawal method in your online casino.
  • After so many years of great service the online gambling industry will miss ClickandBuy. They had become a big part of the family.