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MasterCard in Online Casinos is one of the top sought after methods of casino banking. MasterCard comes second to Visa when it comes to popularity in processing fund transfers in online casinos. The global brand is a universally accepted means of doing business transactions both in land based and on Internet-based establishments.

Formed as Master Charge in America in the mid-1960’s, the co-operation rebranded to MasterCard. The name we know it by today.

Image of Mastercard Logo

MasterCard and Online Casinos

All of the best online casinos available to players in Australia accept payments via MasterCard. This is primarily due to the ease of processing transactions. Online casinos process transactions using MasterCard at a low cost. You cannot process withdrawals from online casinos using MasterCard. It is, therefore, important to make sure the online casino you are joining supports a withdrawal method you can access.

Important Tips to When using MasterCard in Online Casinos.

  • Keep your card information away from anyone who you are not convinced represents the online casino
  • Most online casinos limit the size of your deposit when using MasterCard
  • Make sure that your card has been activated to process online transactions.

MasterCard is only available as a deposit method. Withdrawals cannot be processed using MasterCard.

Even in this age of online banking, MasterCard remains one of the most trusted and preferred deposit methods. This is because transactions are swift, safe and cheap.