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Best 5 Strategies for Playing Online Casino Poker

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Most people know the basics of online poker. However, there are some significant differences that players should be aware of before they begin to play online casino poker.

In normal online poker, players compete against each other and not the house, and games like Texas Hold’em play as they do in a traditional casino poker room. However, there are three main things to be aware of when playing the online casino poker offered at most Australian online casinos.

First, players are competing against the house, not each other. This means the house will have an edge, an advantage in the basic odds of the game.

Second, there is typically only one betting round, as there are no flops, turns, or rivers. Sometimes, there is a raise option but not in the same way a regular poker game offers a chance to check, call, or bet.

Third, there are usually bonus bets available. Players can bet on the hand itself and then place extra bets on table circles. For example, if the player hits a certain hand with that extra bet in play, he or she could win a bonus. Each game is different, but nearly all offer at least one bonus bet. Sometimes, players can also put a virtual coin on a jackpot bet.

Some of the poker games that may be found on internet casino sites are:

Joker Poker
Caribbean Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker
Oasis Poker
Ride ‘M Poker
Tri Card Poker
Three Card Poker

There are also variations on these titles.

Best Online Casino Poker Strategies

1. Avoid extra bets.

The best way to win consistently at online poker table games is to avoid the jackpot, despite the fact that most players only put a small denomination on it. The jackpot bets have very high odds in the house’s favour, and it’s a long-shot bet. Over time, those bets add up with little chance of winning.

Other extra bets, such as pair plus, only pay if the player hits that pair or higher. But in a three-card game – or even a five-card game with no option to discard and exchange for another card – the player will lose more than he or she wins that bet. The house edge is always 5% or higher.

For good bankroll management, it is best to avoid all extra bets. They do add more excitement and pay higher than standard bets if they hit, though. So if the goal is to have fun without concern for bankroll swings, the pair plus bets can be exciting.

2. Always fold low, unconnected cards.

Whether playing three-card poker or a five-card game like Caribbean stud, there is very little chance of winning with a nine-high or ten-high hand. It can be difficult to fold a hand and lose the original bet before seeing the dealer’s full hand. However, those hands are better lost from the start than matching that bet to see what the dealer shows and losing twice that original bet. Play it safe and fold those low hands that do not make a straight, flush, or pair.

3. Play Q-6-4 or higher.

Even if a hand is unconnected, anything at Q-6-4 or above is a playable hand with reasonable odds of winning. This is especially important in three-card games, as the dealer must play a higher hand than queen-high to even qualify.

However, in any casino table game in which the dealer shows a card, such as an ace, that is higher than the player’s high card, like a queen, it’s a good idea to fold and move on to the next opportunity.

4. Always raise with a pair of better.

In a three-card or five-card game, a pair is a good starting hand in online table game poker. A player can always feel good about making that bet or raise when playing against the dealer with a pair or better. It may not always win, but it is always the most optimal play.

5. Pay attention to the rules.

The most important thing to note when starting play is the dealer’s qualifying hand.

For example, in a five-card game like Caribbean stud, the dealer is usually required to make at least an A-K high to continue in the hand. That means the player’s hand can be anything to beat the dealer without an A-K. However, players can only see one card of the dealer’s hand when making a decision. So, if the player’s hand is worse than A-K and the dealer is showing an ace, always fold.

By knowing the basic hand rankings and watching the dealer requirements, players can bet more optimally and win more often without throwing money away on unwise bets.