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The Roulette strategy is quite simple to implement. The Biarritz Roulette Betting Strategy aims to make a wager on one number at a time and wait for the ball to land on it. If your chosen number does not get landed on after a series of 36 spins, you are advised to choose another number or double your bet on your selected number.

However, players should understand that roulette is a game based on chance. In a game of chance, the strategy does not guarantee that the player will win at all times.


An Example of The Roulette Strategy: Biarritz Roulette Betting Strategy

Let’s look at an example to further illustrate how the strategy works. So, the minimum bet on one roulette number is AU$1, and the player placed a bet on the number 25. This means that four alternatives are likely to occur. These alternatives are:

  • If the roulette ball landed on the number 25 on the first spin, the players profit will be AU$35. This will entail that they can select a new number to bet on, or continue betting on the number 25.
  • If the ball land on the players chosen number in the middle of a sequence, their profit will be AU$36. This will mean that the player can change to another number.
  • If the sequence comes to an end, and then the player gets the number 25, their profit will be AU$0.
  • If the player does not get the number at all in the sequence, they should double their bet on the number or bet on another number.

Advice on The Roulette Strategy

At Casino Aus, we care for our internet gamblers. Therefore, we provide with a roulette strategy guide to help you increase your chances of making a profit. However, we urge you to understand that the strategy may not always ensure that you win, but will help you increase your bankroll. Players new to roulette are advised to implement this strategy.

The implementation will help you get better acquainted with roulette, its rules and betting systems. The more you implement the strategy, the more you will learn about it and the game of roulette. So, take your chance at the roulette wheel and see how well this strategy helps.