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There is a mathematical technique known as Monte-Carlo in the very core of the Makarov system. With Makarov System, you only need to wager the equal amount of cash on the same number. Roulette is one of the best online casino games that players across the globe find easy and fun to play.

However, roulette is a game of pure luck and strategies are only made to make the game easy to play and more exciting. The Makarov system of Biarritz strategy is one of the best strategies used in roulette. It does not really give you the winning combination, but help you get to know the game better.

Biarritz Strategy Makarov System - roulette

Biarritz Strategy – Makarov System – More on the Strategy

The strategy allows players to place their bets on single number unless they win. It is easier to learn and understand than Martingale. Here are possible outcomes:

  • Should you win on the 27th spin and reimburse your You can keep your cash. This is a good outcome.
  • With Makarov betting system you can have your winnings before the 37th spin. If it happens quicker, you get to win fast as well.
  • Should you not hit the most wanted number in the 37th spin, you lose.
  • The winning probability is 36/37 which is just 0.37%. So, your odds of having profited from the 37 spins are over 50%.

Furthermore, the classical Biarritz strategy has an added twist.  Here you will need to write the numbers so that you can be able to find the winning numbers. This involves players watching 111 spins (that is 3 full cycles by 37th spins) to find the winning numbers.

You can place your bets on the figures that appeared over 3 times. The betting strategy is mostly used on roulette.  It is better for online casino players to know what kind of a roulette machine they are going to play beforehand. Moreover, roulette machines can be adjusted incorrectly.  So, some of the numbers are likely to appear more than other numbers. Most of this incidents do not take place at an online gambling site.

Biarritz Strategy Makarov System

Biarritz Strategy Makarov System

Biarritz system was effectively used in real life and the popular Hollywood actor, Sean Connery had won 30 thousand dollars in a casino using Makarov system.

The Biarritz strategy is debatable. You won’t know if you will hit the needed digit at least once in 36 times. You have to hit your chosen numbers more than once in every 36th spin. Makarov system helps players to stay in the game for long. The more time you spent playing the roulette game, the more you get to have fun. Makarov system doesn’t need players to have a lot of money.  Moreover, the strategy can help bring the best money to the player.