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The progressive 5 strategy in blackjack serves the same purpose that all other strategies do, to increase your chances of a winning hand. It is a popular strategy and is preceded by the progressive 2 and 3 strategies. Usually, if you prefer using progressive 2 and 3 strategies, you will have no difficulty using the progressive 5 strategy.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the strategy is its uncomplicated nature. Although the strategy is backed by maths, we know it can throw many players seeking joy off, but the maths is simple.

Blackjack is a mathematical game that’s why you are sure to find numerous blackjack strategies. The aim of this particular strategy is to decide on five betting levels. In fact, the number of betting levels is where the name of the strategy comes from. Read on to see how you can use this strategy in your online blackjack games.

blackjack progressive 5 strategy

What is the progressive 5 blackjack strategy?

The progressive 5 strategy falls into the positive progression betting category; this means that when you are winning you need to bet more and decrease your wager amounts when you are losing. In positive progression this means you will start betting with one unit and double your bet after each hand that wins. E.g:

Blackjack Positive Progression Strategy

That would make your bets equal to 23 units.

Then when you return, your progression system would be as follows:

Blackjack Positive Progression System

You begin the blackjack game with one betting unit, this allows you to keep track of your bankroll too. Should you win a round, you add another betting unit to your wager; until you reach your maximum betting unit. However, if you lose a round, you will need to revert to your first betting unit.

To understand this, we will assume a base betting unit of CA$1; this means that the following betting units will be equal to $2, $3, $4 and $5.

So, in your first round, you bet one unit, if you win your balance is now equalled to +one betting unit. Following the premise of this strategy, you add a betting unit to your next wager. If you win your balance equals +three betting units. You must repeat the above method for five winning hands. If you lose a round, you must revert to the first step immediately.

blackjack progressive 5 strategy


The biggest advantage to using this strategy is its ability to help you keep track of your bankroll. However, an obvious disadvantage to this strategy is that it’s only profitable if you have several wins in a row. Nonetheless, the progressive 5 strategy has amassed many fans worldwide, and we think our Aussie gamblers could benefit from using it.

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