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Online blackjack is one of the most interesting and adventurous online casino games. Joining a live tournament for blackjack ultimately means adding spice to your online blackjack game play. Online blackjack tournaments take you on a quest to compete with other players and become crowned a Blackjack Tournament Champion. Yes, just like in conservative sporting activities. So, are you looking for the best tips to help you prepare for your live blackjack competition? Then you’re at the right spot.

Blackjack Tournaments Guide | Australia

Online Blackjack Tournaments 2018: How do they work?

Tournaments for online blackjack come in all shapes and sizes; from wagering small to massive amounts, from local and international matches. Australian online casinos are known for hosting the best and biggest online blackjack tournaments. Competitions take place in different times and days. Hence, it is ideal for you to bookmark our page or keep visiting us for the most recent tournament updates. With that being said, a variety of Australian casinos online offer online blackjack tournaments, each casino has its own tournament format. These include:

Standard Blackjack Tournaments

One of the most common and simple blackjack tournaments format is where all participants are ‘dealt’ a stack of chips within a specified time. The winner is the player who has the biggest stack when time limit ends.

Casino chips

Elimination Blackjack

Elimination blackjack is the new format used at blackjack tournaments. It is mostly found at online casinos which are provided games by Microgaming and Real Time Gaming. In elimination blackjack, contestants are given a starting pack. Each of the players places a bet on every round. After certain rounds are concluded, the player with the smallest stack gets eliminated. Then the game continues until there is only one player left.

Tips & Strategies for Online Blackjack Tournaments

Below we have compiled a few quick read-through strategies and tips to help you nail playing blackjack at the best Australian casino sites. Be sure to use them to increase your chances of winning.

  • First, prior to taking an online blackjack tourney, practice and become a pro in using strategy cards (this is a table which represents the best move in a blackjack game). The best online casinos in AU let’s you bet for free before you can play blackjack for real money at a blackjack tournament. Once you feel you are ready to play live blackjack for real money then you can switch from the ‘play for free’ mode to real money blackjack.
  • We advise that you print out your strategy card, put the hardcopy in front of you instead of viewing it online and toggling between tabs when playing.
  • Complete your betting within the specified time. It’s best to practice your time management skills with a friend (using tools such as a stopwatch) before taking on a live tournament.
  • In a dilemma where the dealer decides to hit/situate on a soft seventeen, you can make use of the strategy card for both options. This means that you need to check the rule that is in operation in the blackjack tournament, and then choose the most appropriate strategy card.

Blackjack Tips for Tournaments

Blackjack Online Tournament Notes

Blackjack tournaments online should not be intimidating at all. Hence, the information that we provided you with should be enough. Try as much not to confuse yourself with difficult strategies. Here are a few things you should know before going on an online blackjack tourney:

  • The best Australian casinos online run tournaments all hours of the day, every day, for small prizes. NB: check for schedules at your preferred online casino.
  • The tournament has already started if the rows are coloured in green. But, this is no train-smash. Our top-rated AU casinos can still let you in even if that’s the case.
  • Our recommended casinos in Australia have what’s called “sit-and-go” slots tournaments which start when a minimum number of online casino players have registered.
  • Online tournament casinos limit players on the amount of time they can play during a tournament. So, time is precious, use it wisely!

As previously stated, there really isn’t much you should worry about when it comes to playing blackjack tournaments online. Blackjack online tournaments are easy, fun and can leave you with awesome winnings. Try live blackjack tournaments online at our favourite AU casinos online.