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The “Do Not” Craps Betting Strategy is specifically designed to inform online craps players on what not to do. The reason for this is because 99.9% of betting systems tell players what to do, instead of what they should focus on avoiding. The information we provide will help you avoid doing certain things to create more opportunity to win.

Many betting strategies are considered to be tips. However, this is not the case with the “Do Not” Craps betting strategy. Therefore, we provide you with a complete craps strategy guide to increase your wins.

Do Not Craps Betting Strategy

“Do Not” Craps Betting Strategy for Certain Bets

When betting on craps online games, there are two bets which players can place. These bets are known as “pass line bet” and “betting with odds”.

Pass Line Bet

When CA players place this type of bet, they will win if a roll results in seven or eleven, and they will lose if a roll results in a two, three and twelve. So, when you roll one eleven, bet on the next winning number to be eleven. Gamblers should refrain from setting other bets if they seek to get as much as possible from the pass line bet.

Betting with Odds

Players who gamble at online casinos can put “odds” on the “pass/don’t pass” or “come/don’t come” wagers. This will increase potential payouts without changing the probabilities. The “odds” bet is one of the best wagers in any casino game online. So, to receive the maximum possible outcome, players are required to not place “pass line” bets when betting with the odds.

“Do Not” Craps Betting Strategy Conclusion

Many argue that this betting strategy is too simple to be effective. However, it is this important rule that every online craps player should keep in mind. Since the “Do Not” Craps Betting Strategy provides them with a greater possibility of winning.