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Australian online casino players enjoy playing craps online. However, most casino players tend to think that craps is a difficult casino game to play. With the strategies and tips, you will find that the game is actually exciting and easy to play. Players can benefit when they apply negative progression betting strategy like the Fibonacci system when they play craps or any other gambling game. Following the betting sequence might lower the house edge even if there is no big win.

Fibonacci Craps Betting Strategy to play

Betting Strategy

There is an appropriate betting strategy for every casino game. Some of the systems are general and they can be used to play various games. Moreover, some of the betting systems only apply to certain games. Choosing the right betting system is imperative. It is also important that you apply it properly so that other casino players can be able to use it.

Fibonacci sequence

The Fibonacci sequence was first announced in Indian mathematics. Although it was not known by the Fibonacci sequence name. Fibonacci sequence gained exposure in the West. This appeared in the book Liber Abaci published in the early 13th century by Leonardo Pisano.

Betting strategies don’t mean perfect and they are not entirely effective. However, they are able to help players get by with their betting and win real money.

To apply any of the betting systems, it can be positive or negative progression, you should study and make sure you understand it beforehand. Moreover, you should practice thoroughly to prepare for its use.

Fibonacci Craps Betting Strategy

Fibonacci Craps Betting Strategy – How It Works

The efficiency of the Fibonacci betting strategy primarily depends on how long one’s losing streak is. If you lose repeatedly, it would be very hard to offset the loss.  Also running out of cash to play will be a problem. In case the gamblers profit tops the losses, they have to go back and begin the Fibonacci sequence with the first unit again.

Fibonacci Craps Betting Strategy – Craps

The next wager should be equivalent to the total of the last two bets in case you lose, and when you win, you can go back with two points in the sequence.  We all know that craps is a game of pure luck, so players require a lot of luck to win the game.

Top Bets for Fibonacci Betting System

All even real money wagers will be best for the betting system.  Check out the list of more even money wagers in online casino games, especially craps. They are the most played games.

  • Pass Line Bet
  • Don’t Pass Bet
  • Come/Don’t-Come
  • Online Blackjack
  • Red/Black-Odd/Even in Roulette
  • Banker in online Baccarat
  • Odd/Even in online Sic Bo

Fibonacci Craps Betting Strategy – Conclusion

The Fibonacci betting strategy is flawless and a hundred percent full proof. Moreover, the betting system can still be used on other gambling games. Players that want to use the betting strategy should always set a limit.  It is also recommended that players quit the game should the losing streak be longer. It is no use to chase after loses.