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Flamboyant Floyd Mayweather to fight Pacquiao Again in 2018

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The ever so flashy boxer and celebrity Floyd Mayweather is expected to finalise a deal to have him fight Manny Pacquiao again. The two fighters last met in May 2015 in the iconic Fight of the Century. Floyd won that match resoundingly. Speculations were that Pacquiao had been injured during the fight which is why he lost. However, Floyd Mayweather at the time, had a straight record of 47 wins with no losses. So, surely one more victory wasn’t out of character. Many bets were placed on who would win, this coming fight is set to be a big event for all who enjoy betting and gambling online .


Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao Odds

Since their famed 2015 fight, Pacquiao has fought four times since the 2015 and only lost once. The American, on the other hand, has only fought twice since and lost no matches. As it stands the odds favour Mayweather. Bookmakers have already started projecting what they expect the outcome of the fight to be. The odds still favour the super confident, sometimes considered arrogant, Floyd. Mayweather, has made a cheeky go at Pacquiao about the upcoming fight telling him not to make excuses about having shoulder injuries when he loses.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2018: Fight of the Century?

The 2015 fight between the two boxing giants was described as underwhelming by critics. Although it was the highest grossing fight, it was not as exciting as expected. Due to the trash talking pre-match from both sides, a blow by blow with full on sparring was what was expected by audiences. However, what we got was a highly technical fight with mechanical defending from Floyd. Manny was unable to land punches on his rival. Now that Floyd Mayweather already proved he’s the better fighter in 2015, maybe he’ll be less defensive and attack more. Hopefully, Pacquiao has no injuries and these two men give us the real Fight of the Century. We will wait on placing bets until the fight. In the meanwhile wager on casino games at top Australian casinos listed here at