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Gambling is the top form of Pleasure Spending for Australian. –Survey

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Pleasure spending in Australia has been singled out as one of the biggest expenses. Betting on pokies and other various sports betting are considered as “top secret” purchases by thousands of Australians each year. The survey, conducted by website revealed the results of the data conducted from over 1000 adults. It was also revealed that purchases like entertainment, clothes and cigarettes came on top of the list conducted to monitor top items Aussies find pleasure in.

According to the same survey, a whopping $11 billion is spent annually on what they call “guilty pleasures”. Guilty Pleasure according to Wikipedia, is a certain form of pleasure that the individual indulges in despite feeling bad about it.

The data revealed that most people spend a lot of real money without the knowledge of their partners. Australian men came out on top of these criteria with a spending of over $4,500 while women came out as the responsible gender with an average of $1,476 under the same conditions.

Image of Australian pleasure spending

More Australians engage in Pleasure Spending

If the survey was some sort of competition, the youngsters would have walked away with the award from the pleasure spends as people aged 18-35 racked up the biggest debt.

It has been established that the young people (Y generation) have about $2,054 debt between them compared to that of the older people (X generation) that sit at $1,173 per person average.

The average results of this survey put online gambling in the pole position is terms of the pleasure spends, this is across all the criteria observed. It also means that although many Australians are not ashamed to gamble, over 4.3 percent of adults have been gambling secretly. This may be because other people still think of gambling as bad and they should not be known to spend/earn money on wagers.

The gambling figures are just a little below that of fashion spending as close to 5.1 percent of Australians admitted to being fashionistas. The analysts are not surprised by the gambling the percentages in this regard as the pokie play machines always get high numbers annually from different surveys that are conducted.

Gambling as pleasure spending is nothing new to 2016

Another research that was conducted by Roy Morgan Research on October 2015 said over 3 million Australian adults had played the pokies in the previous 3 months, this is about 16 percent of the nation. The same study revealed that 40 percent of the 3 million played pokies at least once a week.

The list goes on to add items like fast foods that came at 4.2 percent of the secret spends, with pornography coming close on 1.6 and cigarettes at 1.4 percent.