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The swing roulette strategy is geared towards players who don’t wish to bet large amounts per spin. The betting for this strategy is very straightforward and simple. Players can opt to either place two bets on the six-line or one bet on a six-line and one bet on even chances. The betting progression in units is as follows: 1-1-1-2-2-3-4-4-5-6-8-10.

roulette wheel - Swing roulette strategy

At the start of your betting run, players should bet two units. One bet on a six-line and another bet on another six-line. If the first bet on the first six-line is successful players should bet the losing six-line and even chances.

Alternatively, if it was the second six-line that won, players should then bet the first six-line again with even chances.

If both bets landed up losing, players then start using the progression betting system. For an example of how this works, please see the below scenario:

  • Spin 1: The first bet is on two six lines; 7-12 and 25-30. The ball lands on 11, therefore the first six-line bet wins. The next bet will be on the six-line 25-30, with five units on even chances.
  • Step 2: The ball lands on five, meaning the player has hit nothing and lost all bets.
  • Step 3: Go back to the initial bet of two bets on two six-lines. The ball lands on 32, effectively missing all bets again and the player loses.
  • Step 4: Player resets and places two bets on the two six-lines; 7-12 and 25-30. The dreaded 0 is hit, and all bets lose again.
  • Step 5: Now, after three losses in a row, the player needs to up their units according to the betting strategy. Now two units must be bet on each of the two six-lines. This time the player gets some luck by landing on 28. The player would effectively then win 12 units.
  • Step 6: The player repeats their two-unit six-line bet on 7-12 and now includes ten units on big numbers. Now if the ball lands on say, 35, they will win 20 units.
  • Step 7: After two bets have been won, the play will revert to one-unit betting on the two six-lines; 7-12 and 25-30.


According to simulations, the player will need between 250 and 300 units to play with. So, if the minimum bet on a six-line is, CA$5.00, the player will need at least CA$1,250 in order to play this strategy effectively. We tested the swing roulette strategy ourselves, and it seemed like quite a fun way to play roulette. It doesn’t need much frantic betting on inner bets, and one can just sit back and easily keep track of their betting progression. You won’t be making millions with this strategy, but you have good odds of cashing out ahead with real money.