Hi-Lo Blackjack Strategy

The Hi-Lo Blackjack strategy is regarded to be the most effective and easiest card counting strategy in blackjack. The tactic is very popular and is used by many online casino players in Australia. Casino Aus recommends this strategy to players at beginner to intermediate levels. Read on for more.

The Hi-Lo Blackjack Strategy


What is Hi-Lo in Blackjack?

The Hi-Lo strategy is a card counting method used in Blackjack, as we’ve mentioned before. Created by retired engineer and mathematician, Harvey Dubner, Hi-Lo is used to determine if the next hand will likely give advantage to the player or to the dealer.

The Hi-Lo Blackjack Strategy in Three Steps:

Step 1: In Hi-Lo also known by others as HiLo or High-Low, a player assigns a certain value to each card they have open in their hand using this rating:

  • Ace, Ten and face cards = -1
  • Seven, Eight and Nine = 0
  • Deuce, Three, Four, Five and Six = 1

Step 2: After this step then you, the player, needs to start and keep what’s called a “running count” of zero at the start of the shoe or deck. As the dealer reveals your cards, you need to constantly add or subtract from the “running count”, according to the rating we’ve provided on the first step.

E.g. If the cards that are dealt out are 10, J, 3, 5, Q then your math would be as follows: -1 – 1 + 1 + 1 – 1 which equals to a value of -1.

Step 3: Your next step then is to divide the “running count” by the number of decks remaining. This method is called a ‘true count’. Say you have a running count of plus 7 and about four decks left, then the true count would be seven out of four, which equals to 1.75 – all that’s left is that you round that number up to two. Our experts recommend you increase your bet should the true count be greater.

Moreover, players do not have to renew their calculations since the cards are not returned to the deck after each hand.

Hi-Lo Blackjack Tips for Aussies

Although the High-Low Blackjack strategy is quite popular and considered very effective, it does have some disappointing disadvantages. The cons for the HiLo Strategy include:

  • The system requires a whole lot of attention. If you want to use this method you need to stay focused, otherwise all your counting goes down the drain should you blink once – literally.
  • You can’t use the Hi-Lo blackjack strategy at Land-based casinos since card counting is strictly forbidden – you can get kicked out for it.
  • It’s quite useless to use when playing at an online casino since online blackjack tables change their decks for every hand.

Overall, the HiLo strategy for blackjack is best to use when you play at places where card counting is permissible. We call it the winning strategy!


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