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The Best Guide on How To Play Craps

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How to Play Craps Online AUCraps is believed to come from a variation of the Old English game called Hazard and a spin-off of the French Crapaud. In craps, the players wager money against the casino and bet on the outcome of one or a number of rolls of two dice. Kearn how to play craps online with our handy guide by reading on.

There are three major forms of craps for Aussies today:

  • Street craps – The informal version of the game usually played by groups of people in alleys or in rooms.
  • Casino craps – The most popular in land casinos today and differs from street craps.
  • Online craps – The newest version and an exciting combination of both forms that has been slightly simplified to enable the online player the opportunity to experience the thrill.

How to Play Craps Online

 Craps is a betting game played with two dice, where a first throw total of both dice is seven (7) or eleven (11) is an instant win.

  1. A first dice throw with a total of two (2), three (3) or twelve (12) loses the bet.
  2. If the first throw is any other number than those listed above, that number becomes the “Point”. However, the Point Number must be thrown before a seven (7) is thrown in order to win.
  3. If a seven (7) is thrown before the Point Number is thrown the player loses the bet (Crapped Out) and the dice must be passed to the next player that places a bet on the “Pass Line”.

Using One-roll-bets in Craps Online

  1. On the right side of the table there wil be an area for one-roll-bets.
  2. Here you bet on a specific roll (naturally).
  3. Eg. bet on any of the options featured below.

Craps Online Guide - Australia

Craps Online Overall

Playing craps online can be a really rewarding experience once you know how. More so, this exciting dice game can be enjoyed at any of our top gambling sites for Aussies. So, for more about playing craps online, visit our guide.