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A Guide on How to Play Online Pokies

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Playing online pokies in Australia in 2017 may seem like a straightforward task. Deposit money, spin the wheel, win some money. The truth is that there is quite a lot more going on beneath the surface, and a few key tips to keep in mind when playing online pokies.

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Pokies, otherwise known as slot machines, are the most popular casino games in land-based casinos around the world. They have evolved from the simpler one-armed bandit machines, named for the lever on the side of the machine that spun the mechanical reels, into much more complex games.

Online pokies were some of the very first online casino games. They offered a simple to understand, yet thrilling casino experience. Original online pokies only offered three reels, like the one-armed bandits of the past.

As the complexity of Random Number Generators (RNG)s grew, so did the online casinos’ ability to offer more complex and higher paying games. Online casinos started offering online pokies with five and even seven reels. Although the odds are much higher of winning, the jackpots are much, much larger.

Today, online pokies are available on mobile as well as online casinos. Software suppliers like Microgaming are also heavily investing in virtual reality (VR) mobile slot games.

Online Pokies – How to Play

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There are no tricks to mastering online pokies, it is purely a game of chance. The rules of online pokies are quite simple and straightforward to understand.

Below we take a look at how to play online pokies and how most pokie machines are laid out.

The Top Row of an Online Pokie Machine

The top row of an online pokie usually consists of a range of credit buttons. This is where the player chooses how many credits they want to wager on each reel or line on a spin.

When a player chooses one of the credit options, it will usually remain active until the player chooses another option.

It will also usually have the collect button, which is used to cash out any winnings and transfer it back to the players’ casino account.

The Bottom Row

The bottom row on an online pokie usually consists of eight buttons. The first button is usually the “Take the Win” button. This allows players to put their win in their account without continuing with any bonus games.

The next five buttons are related to each reel on the machine and each activates a spin.

At the end of the row sits the “Start Feature” button. If a player wins a spin, and they receive a bonus, they use this button to activate it.

Spinning The Reels of an Online Slot Machine

So the basic steps to follow to spin are pretty straightforward.

Players first credit the online pokie machine with whatever amount they wish to wager. Next, they select the amount they’d like to bet per line (these are usually preset amounts), and then a number of lines they’d like to bet on.

The best way for players to ensure that they fully understand how each pokie game works is by first playing it for free. Most online casinos allow players to play their games without making a wager, to help them get a better understanding of the game.

Benefits of Playing Online Pokies

Land-based casinos are limited in what they can offer. Although they may have several hundred or even thousand pokie machines in their facility, they are limited to what they have. This means players often settle for casino games that don’t truly enjoy.

Online pokies offer Australian players, from Perth to Canberra and Sydney, and even those beyond the black stump in the Northern Territory, the chance to play any online pokie game in the world.

Though this does not mean that every online pokie game is the same. At Casino Aus, we carefully review every online casino and feature only those with the best online pokies and the best casino bonuses.

Australian gamblers who play online pokies also do not have to travel long distances to play pokies at land-based casinos, meaning they save money.

Online pokies at online casinos also offer unparalleled privacy and security. Players can choose to play wherever they are and do their online casino banking from the privacy of their own home.

Online Pokies Software Providers

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The best online casinos only use online pokie software from the most trusted suppliers. Some of the biggest names in the industry, like Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt have a vast amount of online pokies on offer.


The biggest and one of the oldest software providers. Microgaming has a fantastic selection of themed and movie tie-in online slots available. Some of their most popular online slots include:

  • Jurassic Park online slot
  • Playboy online slot
  • Brides Maids online slot
  • Hot As Hades online slot


Playtech casinos are known for the massive variety of games they offer. They have a vast selection of online slots, with several new and older movie tie-ins. Some of the most well-known and popular Playtech slots are:

  • The Mummy online slot
  • Iron Man online slot
  • World Football Stars online slot
  • Buffalo Blitz online slot


Although Netent doesn’t have the vast selection Microgaming or Playtech has, they more than make up for it with the world-class graphics and sound design. The Netent slot games offer exciting bonus rounds. Some of Netent’s best slots are:

  • Aliens video slot (movie tie-in)
  • Aloha Cluster Pays video slot
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon online slot
  • South Park video slot

Playing Online Pokies to Win

Online pokies are games of pure chance, but that doesn’t mean players can’t help their chances along. Before playing an online pokies game, Australian players should look for an online pokie game that offers as many possible ways to win. Thunderstruck II, a Microgaming online slot game offers a spectacular 243 ways to win on each spin.

Online Pokies – The Mobile Revolution in Aus

Imag of online pokies and mobile pokies

Online pokies are some of the most popular mobile casino games. A simple to use yet intuitive interface, coupled with the ability to play anywhere and still win real money, is drawing in Australian players in droves.

Mobile pokies also have exclusive bonuses that are tailored to mobile casino players.

How to Play Online Pokies FAQ

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Are the same pokies available on mobile and online casinos?

No. Most online casinos go to every conceivable measure to ensure that most of the online pokies are available on mobile devices as well. Hardware and software limitations, however, prevent compatibility across all devices. The mobile pokie games are just as thrilling and entertaining as any found at a traditional brick and mortar or online casino.

Are online pokies rigged?

No. All of the online casinos featured on Casino Aus are trustworthy, reputable online casinos. All of the featured online casinos are monitored by eCOGRA, an independent body that ensures that all play at online casinos is fair and secure.

How are the results of a spin determined in online pokies?

All reputable online casinos use an RNG to determine the outcome of all games, including online pokies. An RNG creates a random sequence of numbers that is then displayed as reels on a virtual slot machine. The same principal applies to traditional pokie machines in land-based casinos.

An RNG is the best way to ensure that neither the player nor the casino is unfairly benefitted.

Which online pokies have the biggest jackpots?

As a rule of thumb, progressive slots and slots with five or more reels tend to have bigger jackpots. Progressive reel slots’ jackpots are determined as a percentage of each wager made by every player who plays the slot. This means that the jackpots tend to be massive.

Slots with five or more reels tend to have higher odds, which mean winning isn’t as likely as a three-reel slot. Bigger reel slots are however much more entertaining and offer much larger jackpots.

What is the best online pokie game?

There is no one online pokie that is better than another. Each one caters to different players’ varying needs. Players should, however, keep a look out for online pokies with good bonuses and as many ways to win as possible.

Are all online pokie games played for real money?

Yes, but most casinos allow players to test out a game for free before they have to make their first wager. The casinos featured on Casino Aus allow Australian players to wager with and win real money. Most also allow players to wager with Australian Dollars.