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The Lotto Attracts Those Who Can Least Afford It

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It is clear to see that lottery corporations sell the belief of fast money, which according to therapists is dangerous. The reason that this is considered dangerous, according to Zoe Krupka a psychotherapist, is because the lotto attracts the people who can probably afford it the least.

Australian Lotto

Therapists Give Reason

Krupka states that her clients truly believe that, when they enter the lotto, that they are buying themselves the “golden ticket”. The psychotherapist explained in an interview with ABC Radio Melbourne’s Jon Faine, that there are individuals that even include money for lotto tickets into their budgets. She considers this an issue, as money itself is always a worry.

Krupka goes on to say that it is scary to see families creating such a budget that includes money for lotto tickets when they can hardly afford food. She explains the reason for this by saying, for those who are suffering poverty, the lottery is considered to be the only means of getting ‘rich quick’ legally.

According to Therapists, the Lotto Provides Hope

During Krupka’s interview on ABC Radio in Melbourne, she was met with defensive responses from some of the listeners. Listeners called into the station to explain why it is that they personally enter into the lotto, despite what seems to be insufficient funds to do so.

Listeners Give Their Perspective

One of the listeners that called in agreed with the psychotherapist stating that being a person who receives minimum wage, a lottery win would be a huge help.

In addition, a lady called in explaining that her husband has lost his work and was struggling to get a job. Further, she states that she often finds that entering the lotto keeps her hopes up.

Krupka makes this harsh statement in return, by saying that purchasing into a lottery is more than a dream, it is a dim flicker at the end of a dark gloomy future.

Another listener called in explaining that they were ecstatic when they made an AU$5000 win. However, shortly after this, the listener confesses that they might have spent more on lotto tickets throughout the years.

That’s a Wrap

We, at Casino Aus, feel that it is necessary to stress that the lottery is based on luck alone. There is no guarantee that you are purchasing the ‘golden ticket’.

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