Crown Melbourne Announces 2020 Aussie Millions

One of the most anticipated events of the poker calendar is the Aussie Millions. Each January, the poker series is held at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. Furthermore, schedule and details of the 2020 Aussie Millions Poker Championship are now available for next year.

What is Aussie Millions?

When poker tables were first offered at Crown in 1997, it was a hit. However, the staff knew that tournaments would bring in more players. That brought about the Australasian Poker Championship in the summer of 1998, complete with a $1K buy-in Limit Hold’em Main Event. It drew 74 players.

Poker’s popularity was growing quickly, though, and the demand for tournaments increased.

Organisers then moved the tournament to January, and renamed it the Crown Australian Poker Championship. They even gave it a catchy nickname – The Aussie Millions.

Each year, the series grew, as did the Main Event. The 2001 Main Event was a $5K buy-in tournament and drew 101 entries. In 2003, the buy-in was subsequently upped to $10K and showed 122 entries for a $1.22 million prize pool.

Soon after, the poker boom was in effect when Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas, and the Aussie Millions became a favourite poker destination every January.

  • 2004 Main Event: 133 players, $1.33 million prize pool
  • 2005 Main Event: 263 players, $2.63 million prize pool
  • 2006 Main Event: 418 players, $4.18 million prize pool
  • 2007 Main Event: 747 players, $7.47 million prize pool
  • 2008 Main Event: 780 players, $7,758,500 prize pool
  • 2009 Main Event: 681 players, $6.81 million prize pool
  • 2010 Main Event: 746 players, $7.46 million prize pool
  • 2011 Main Event: 721 players, $7.21 million prize pool

The series continued to draw impressive numbers, even as the poker boom subsided, and the Main Event winner still took home well over $1 million each year.

The 2019 Aussie Millions Poker Championship Main Event brought in 822 entries to create an $8.22 million prize pool.

Already Preparing for 2020 Series

This week, Crown Casino announced the dates and important details of the 2020 Aussie Millions Poker Championship. It will begin on Saturday, January 4, and it will run 23 poker tournaments through Friday, January 24. Crown Melbourne Tournament Director Joel Williams noted:

“The 2019 Aussie Millions saw records smashed right across the board. We watched the Main Event scale heights previously unseen; we reestablished ourselves as an integral stop on the high roller circuit; total prize pools exceeded A$30 million; and overall participation broke through 8,600 – all served to produce arguably the most memorable series in Australian poker history.”

Williams continued: “January 2020 allows us the opportunity to continue to stamp ourselves as an elite poker destination for players right across the globe – and we are more than ready to accept that challenge and remain committed to providing the best experience possible.”

2020 Aussie Millions Schedule

Not only did Crown publicise the schedule, it also released the structures for each tournament and offered 2020 hotel rates for players flying in for the series.

  • 1: $1,150 NLHE Opening Event ($1M GTD) – starting flights January 4-7
  • 2: $2,500 HORSE – January 5
  • 3: $1,150 PLO – January 9
  • 4: $1,150 NLHE Mix Max – January 9
  • 5: $1,150 NLHE 6-Max – January 10
  • 6: $2,500 PLO – January 11
  • 7: $1,500 NLHE Deep Freeze – January 11
  • 8: $2,500 NLHE Shot Clock 6-Max – January 12
  • 9: $1,150 NLHE Accumulator – starting flights January 13-15
  • 10: $2,500 8-Gam Mix – January 13
  • 11: $25K PLO High Roller – January 13
  • 12: $25K NLHE Challenge High Roller – January 15
  • 13: $2K NLHE Bounty – January 16
  • 14: $10,600 NLHE Main Event – starting flights January 17-19
  • 15: $50K NLHE Challenge High Roller – January 17
  • 16: $1,150 NLHE Terminator – January 17
  • 17: $1,150 NLHE Hyper Turbo – January 18
  • 18: $1,150 PLO Hi-Lo – January 20
  • 19: $2,500 NLHE – January 20
  • 20: $1,150 Tournament of Champions – January 21
  • 21: $5K NLHE 6-Max – January 21
  • 22: $1,150 NLHE Shot Clock Turbo – January 22
  • 23: $100K NLHE Challenge Super High Roller – January 22

The action then finishes on January 24 with the Main Event final table. Organisers anticipate the Main Event prize pool will exceed $8 million and award approximately $1.8 million to the winner, though that is not a guarantee. The winner will also take home an Aussie Millions bracelet, which is valued at more than A$25K.

In addition, there will be a plethora of cash games and smaller daily tournaments throughout the series.

Players can access the full tournament schedule, all of the structure sheets, and information about hotel rates for Aussie Millions players on the Crown Melbourne website.

Rose Varrelli

Rose Varrelli has always been passionate about online casinos, as she’s been a player at a variety of places for years. Rose turned her personal knowledge and insight into a writing career. She aims to provide readers with the most up to date, informative news in the world of online casinos!


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