New Booming Online Slot Game: Wombaroo

Booming Games took the theme of Australian animals and created a new online video slot game from it. The developers couldn’t choose between the kangaroo and the wombat for the main character, so they chose them both. And they combined them to get Wombaroo.

This couldn’t be a more perfect online casino slot game for Aussies. .

Separate but Equal

Booming Games did not actually combine the characters in the game, just the names of the animals. The kangaroo and the wombat each maintain their own presence in Wombaroo. Even the intro shows the wombat doing a little head-banging move and the kangaroo dabbing. Their other dances are a bit more, shall we say, unique.

Other Aussie animals like koalas and ostriches also make appearances in the game.

The game takes place on the Australian Outback, the land full of browns and greens, with the mountains in bright pinks and oranges to reflect the sun. Even the sky is a noticeable blue.

As for the piano-driven soundtrack, there is no volume button, and it can be annoying after a while, though the violins calm it down a bit. We choose to mute the sound and enjoy the views.

The kangaroo on the left of the grid and the wombat on the right support players in their wins and take them to various features.

Wombaroo Details and Payouts

With a 95.42% RTP (return-to-player), this 5×3 game is a high-variance one but with good payouts if the player can be patient. The max payout is 4,000x the bet.

Wombaroo offers 20 paylines. Betting begins at just $0.20 per spin and increases regularly up to $10, $20, $40, $60, and $100 per spin for the high rollers.

As for the various symbols, players can hit five on a payline and receive payouts as follows, when betting $0.20 per spin:

  • Wild = $25.00
  • Kangaroo = $6.00
  • Wombat = $6.00
  • Koala = $5.00
  • Ostrich = $4.00
  • Letter A = $1.50
  • Letter K = $1.20
  • Letter Q = $1.20
  • Letter J = $0.70
  • Number 10 = $0.70

Wombaroo Features and Gameplay

There are several features in this game, which provide chances for bigger wins.

First, as with almost every online slot game, there is a wild symbol, which can substitute for any symbol except the scatters.

About those scatters, there are two kinds.

The Kangaroo Scatter symbol may appear on the first, third, and fifth reels. When three of them hit, it triggers the Kangaroo Free Spins – eight of them. The wilds stay in place (sticky wilds) during the spins. There are chains on the wilds to keep them from disappearing.

The Wombat Scatter symbol also appears on the first, third, and fifth reels at random. When those three appear, they trigger the Wombat Wins feature. Those three scatters go with the player to the bonus round and turn into coin values. Those symbols then stick while the rest of the empty spots spin. The spins continue as long as more coin values appear.

Wombat Wins starts with three free spins. Every time another value coin hits, the counter returns to three spins. If the reels spin three times without any new coins, the bonus round ends by tallying all of the coins for the bonus amount won.

Coin values start at the value of the player’s original bet but can increase to 5x, 10x, 50x, and 100x the bet amount.

Then, there is the Super Feature.

Oftentimes, seeing just two scatters instead of the required three is disappointing. In Wombaroo, though, anytime just two scatters appear, they add to the meter above the grid. That meter requires 30 units to fill. When the player fills it, the player wins 8 free spins.

The Super Feature free spins are a combination of the two animals’ features. All wilds stick in place with chains, and when the spins conclude, every wild turns into a gold coin with a random value. Those values are added to all other wins during the bonus round for the payout. (The lowest possible value in this feature is 5x.)

Where to Play Wombaroo

Booming Games offers the opportunity to go to its website and play any of its games for free. There is no login or password, and no account needed. Players can simply click on the game and start playing for free. Currently, Wombaroo is the first game on the list, as it was just released on September 29.

After the player figures out what the symbols and features do, they can go to any of the casinos listed here to play for real-money. And by clicking on any of the options below, the player can take advantage of our special welcome bonus for each site:


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