Top 6 Reasons for Jackpot Slots Popularity

Aussie online casinos often report that their most popular games are progressive jackpot slots.

This is no surprise. People love jackpots.

There are many reasons. The first and most obvious is that players want to win big. They want to win a sum of money that is unusual, something that “breaks” the game and requires that it starts over after the winner takes the jackpot.

When playing some of the jackpot games that regularly pay five-figure or six-figure wins – or even better, the ones that exceed $1 million – the goal is to win an amount that could change the player’s life.

For the average player, a $10K win could change his or her life in a minor way, but a $50K win could change a person’s life in a major way. And a $100K jackpot or $1 million? Those kinds of numbers could change nearly everything about a person’s life.

People want to dream. It is a part of human nature.

Every game carries the potential to win something substantial, but a progressive jackpot slot can change everything with just one spin.

Beyond that, there are other reasons that jackpot slots are so popular online with Australian players.

  1. Gambler’s Fallacy

This theory is one often employed by people who play jackpot slots. They see a progressive number increasing steadily and believe that it’s time to hit, or that it will hit at a certain time of day or day of the week.

Essentially, the gambler’s fallacy is expecting a jackpot to hit because it’s “due.”

Some players see a certain number in a jackpot or see it hit a particular high mark and believe it’s going to hit soon. In reality, however, every spin has the same chance of hitting the jackpot as the next spin.

  1. Sunk Cost Fallacy

This is something that affects a lot of online casino players. They believe that they’ve sunk a certain amount of money into a game and that it owes them.

Players can invest a certain amount of time and money into a game and feel that they then must keep playing to justify what has already been invested.

  1. Desperation

A player can look at a jackpot and think of the life-changing potential it has for them. It might be the only hope that the person has for ever making that sum of money or doing so in a short period of time.

The cost of taking a chance to win might be worth it because the person sees no other way to earn that kind of money through normal channels – through their regular jobs or other ways they earn money.

When life seems to offer no other way out of a situation, that jackpot looks even more appealing.

  1. Near-Miss Rewards

Players can come close to hitting a jackpot and feel the rush of “almost” winning. If they need a certain symbol to line up on a particular row, and the symbols just miss that lineup, they can feel that they just missed their chance.

The adrenaline that comes with that experience is a sort of high, something that they want to feel again. And they believe that they came so close that it’s only a matter of time before they really will line up the symbols to hit the jackpot.

  1. Thrill of Adventure

Some people enjoy taking physical risks like climbing mountains or jumping out of airplanes. Others like to take financial risks.

The thrill of playing a jackpot game and imagining hitting a big payday is a level of excitement that people can’t find in many places. They play the games for the thrill of the risk, the adventure of playing to see what happens.

Adrenaline is a hormone, a physical reaction to situations that increase the heart rate, breathing, and blood flow. It can be positive or negative, but gambling responsibly can generate positive adrenaline.

  1. Pure Entertainment

Believe it or not, some players simply enjoy the jackpot games more than others because of the themes, the bonus rounds, and the price point.

Of course, there is always the chance that they could win the jackpot. That will always be a part of the decision to play. But there are also cases where players choose a game and win, not even realizing that it had a progressive jackpot.

Online casino games are a source of entertainment.

When people play them with that in mind, all slots can be a fun way to pass the time. Every spin offers a new payout possibility, new features, and the chance to win money while playing a game from home. It is an easy way to enjoy a game without coordinating with others or going out in public.



Rose Varrelli

Rose Varrelli has always been passionate about online casinos, as she’s been a player at a variety of places for years. Rose turned her personal knowledge and insight into a writing career. She aims to provide readers with the most up to date, informative news in the world of online casinos!


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