Seven Tips for First-Time Live Dealer Online Casino Players

Live dealer games were introduced to online casinos over the past decade. They have subsequently revolutionized the way players can find their favourite table games. No longer do they have to go to a live casino to play directly with a human dealer, as they are now on computer screens in the best casinos online. Even so, it can be intimidating to play online casino live dealer games for the first time. Therefore, here are some live dealer online casino tips to get you started.


As the internet improved over time, faster and more direct connections allowed online casino operators to offer live dealers. An operator establishes a land-based studio that looks like a casino, filled with table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and even some forms of poker. Dealers stand at each table to do everything they would in a live casino and host the games. The studios must meet licensing standards and operate under the same rules as a live casino.

Players log on through their favourite online casino and choose the game. They then play the game with the real dealer. Players are not on camera, however, so they remain anonymous. They play as they would in a casino but can communicate via the online chat to ask questions or converse with the dealers. Those dealers then talk to the players as the games proceed.

The benefits for players are many, but the most obvious is convenience. A person can play from anywhere at any time of the day or night, without leaving the comfort of home. There is no dress code or transportation required. So now that the scene is set, here are seven live dealer online casino tips to help you get the most from the games.

7 Essential Live Dealer Online Casino Tips

1. Start with a simple game.

For the first time at a live dealer table, choose a simple game without bonuses or jackpots. Take a simple blackjack game with standard rules and play a few hands to get the hang of the action. There are always other games.

2. Choose stakes wisely.

There is no need to jump into a high-stakes game or risk an entire bankroll. Choose a low-stakes game to allow for mistakes or a simple learning curve. A player should be comfortable with the speed and flow of the game before playing for money that will put too much of an account balance on the line.

3. Pick a likeable dealer.

It is important that a live dealer game player is comfortable with their dealer. Make sure there is a good feeling about that person before playing too many hands. If asking questions and learning the game, it is important to play with a dealer who answers and makes players feel accommodated. If not, it is easy enough to change tables before settling in for a longer session.

4. Play short sessions.

When first experimenting with live dealer blackjack or roulette, it is best not to commit to a long session. And if there are more losing hands than winning ones, consider taking a break or changing tables. It is only the beginning, and there is no need to stay in one game for too long. Especially as a new live dealer player.

5. Realize the differences.

In a game like Hold’em poker with a live dealer online, read the rules before playing. As far as live dealer online casino tips are concerned, this is an essential one to learn. That’s because there are likely to exist key differences from traditional games or other online poker offerings. Bet small, play cautiously, and get used to slower play than regular online poker. It will be slower and possibly require less strategy, so take the time to adjust to the rules before risking the loss of money by making mistakes.

6. Keep cool.

One of the benefits of playing at an online casino is the ability to say things and act without consequence. A player can curse at the computer or mobile device, be rude to it, or even throw things at it. However, a live dealer game does have rules. Though the player can say whatever they want to the computer, typing it or communicating it to the dealers is strictly forbidden. Abusing a dealer, just as in a traditional casino, will result in consequences and the possibility of being banned entirely from an online casino.

7. Stop when the fun stops.

Rounding off our live dealer online casino tips is the need to remember that these games are supposed to be a form of entertainment. When the game is too frustrating or the losses begin piling up, it’s best to quit the game and log off. There is always time to play again later or another day. The games are supposed to be fun. When that is no longer the case, take a break.

Now that you have read through our live dealer online casino tips and have a better idea of what to expect at the tables, why not play at one of our live dealer casino games today.

Matilda May

Matilda loves the online pokies, and she has a knack of knowing when to max bet, and when to hold back. She would love to pass on this information to you, and we look forward to having her passing on her knowledge and wisdom to you, our readers!


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