NSW Adds to Gambling Research Funding

New South Wales has been at the forefront of responsible gambling research in Australia, and its Office of Responsible Gambling is preparing to do even more.

The latest news from NSW informs that the Responsible Gambling Fund will now make funding available for PhD scholarships, study grands, and post-doctoral fellowships that aid in long-term gambling research for all of Australia.

New Funding Announcement

On November 19, the NSW government announced that the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling launched a new opportunity for funding into gambling research.

With funds made available by the Responsible Gambling Fund, grants will be made for those who focus on gambling research. This specifically includes people in pursuit of PhD scholarships and post-doctoral fellowships.

According to Office of Responsible Gambling Director Natalie Wright, the grants will bridge the gap between research, policy, and the delivery of responsible gambling services. The overall goal is to increase the influence of research on gambling harm prevention in order to achieve more optimal outcomes.

Wright reiterated the commitment of the office to the researchers of the future, to those who want to dedicate their careers to studying gambling and working to reduce and eliminate gambling harm.

“Research is crucial,” said Wright, “because it provides the evidence base for responsible gambling policy, interventions and programs, and it is important to encourage our brightest minds to stay in or move into the gambling research field.”

Details for Interested Students

The NSW Office of Responsible Gambling website is the place for interested parties to find more information, including a submission guide for applications.

The PhD scholarship program is offering scholarships for approximately $53,110 per year for up to three years. There are two scholarships available. However, there are also partial scholarships possible for people already receiving some type of scholarship or university grant.

Those wanting to submit for consideration can do so now, as the window opened on November 19 and remains open through January 31, 2020.

Post-doctoral fellowship candidates will be encouraged to participate in research partnerships and cross-disciplinary approaches. The hope is that applicants will build their career while using the funding to develop innovative approaches to reducing gambling harm.

There are two of these fellowships available worth up to $150,000 per year over the course of three years.

Fellowships also opened for submissions on November 19 and close on Friday, January 31, 2020.

Finally, study grants are available to students already focused on gambling research and those working in that field or that of policy, education, or support. Applicants must be able to demonstrate best practices or innovation in their respective fields. The grants can then be used to help with the costs of attending or presenting at conferences.

There are five grants open for applicants, each worth up to $5,000. The NSW welcomed submissions as of November 19 and will do so throughout the 2020 year. They will be assessed as they are received.

Continuing the Commitment to Study

The current year has been full of financial commitments to gambling study from the Responsible Gambling Fund.

In May, the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling announced the distribution of $400K to universities and departments. The five chosen recipients were:

  • University of Technology, Sydney for animated series to educate young people about responsible gambling
  • Australian National University, Canberra for addressing women who are “significant others” to gamblers and harm that they actually  experience
  • Central Queensland University for studying loot boxes
  • Deakin University, Victoria for systematic review and content analysis of gambling addictions and treatment for family members of gamblers
  • University of Sydney Business School for studying “cash-out” products offered by bookmakers and potential exploitation

As May turned to June, the office donated more than $176,000 to the University of Sydney’s Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic. The project included creating a website that would allow gamblers to self-exclude from gambling venues with more anonymity than is now available.

Aggressive Work Toward Goals

The vision of the Office of Responsible Gambling is simple: to work toward zero gambling harm.

To do this, they are initiating and funding research, educating the public, and funding support and treatment services. Also, the vision becomes clearer when informing lawmakers and regulators.

The broader purpose of the NSW’s dedicated team is five-fold:

  • To prevent and reduce gambling harm and problem gambling
  • To support consumers to make informed choices about gambling
  • Contribute to the public debate about and influence gambling policy and regulations
  • To work with the gambling industry to solidify responsible gambling culture and practices
  • To enable industry development that delivers social and economic benefits

Research in Progress

NSW already reported on numerous studies delivered this year thus far.

Flinders University provided a revealing 264-page report to reveal gaps in current research and how to bridge those gaps.

The latest information came from the NSW Gambling Survey 2019, which showed a significant decline in overall gambling levels.


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