New Nucleus Online Halloween Slot: Spooktacular Spins

It’s almost time for Halloween, one of the scariest holidays celebrated in some form around the world. What does this mean for online casino slots players? They’re looking for the best Halloween slots. And Nucleus is one of the game developers that introduced a new one just for Halloween 2020.

Spooktacular Spins is a Halloween game with a bit of a fun twist. The characters and symbols have a miniaturized look to them, a bit of a cartoonish take on the traditional. Instead of going for the scary look, Nucleus developers went for a fun theme, one that focuses on Halloween but makes the characters entertaining.

Released within the past month to the top Aussie casinos online, Spooktacular Spins is already a player favorite among the new games, especially with those seeking some Halloween themes.

Overview of Spooktacular Spins

With a cemetery in the background and some candles burning at the gated entrance, the grid is the center of the main screen. Just don’t miss the crow to the right of the spin button, as he winks periodically to let you know he has an eye on you.

The background music doesn’t have a volume lever, so it’s all or nothing. However, it’s not the typical Halloween soundtrack, as this tune is done with a stringed instrument. It’s unique.

The grid itself is a hexagonal one in a 3-4-5-4-3 honeycomb pattern. And it’s so old that cobwebs have grown around it. It offers 30 pay ways that connect horizontally and diagonally.

Spooktacular Spins Payouts

There are 30 paylines in this slot game, alongside a lot of features.

Players can start spinning for as little as $0.10, and the betting options increase from there to $0.50, $1, $3.50, $6.50, $12, $15, $25, $35, and $60. The max bet is $80 per spin.

As for the symbols themselves, there are several main ones that appear on the grid. When playing at the lowest option of $0.10 per spin, these are the payouts for each symbol with five on a payline:

  • Glowing green wild = $1.00
  • Witch face = $1.00
  • Purple spider = $0.50
  • Blue moon = $0.08
  • Pink candy = $0.08
  • Gold star = $0.08
  • A or K = $0.05
  • Q or J = $0.03

Spooktacular Spins Features

This unique Halloween slot game features Creepy Creatures. They can appear randomly with every spin, and they move clockwise, one position at a time around the grid, with each consecutive spin. Their exits are just as random, as they can fly away after anywhere from 3-18 spins.

There are three of them that float around the honeycomb grid, each serving a different purpose.

  • Witch on a broomstick: summons other creatures to surround the board, one new creature for each spin continuing for 5-7 spins
  • Ghost: accumulate to fill the Ectoplasm Meter for free spins
  • Bat: award stacking multipliers (number of bats plus one)

Regarding the Ectoplasm Meter, it is a large tower on the left of the screen that fills with green liquid. Each ghost fills adds liquid to the 12-level meter. When it is full, it triggers five free spins.

There are two types of wilds in Spooktacular Spins.

One is the Pumpkin Slime Spreading Wild, a slimy green splat that spreads from its initial spot to adjacent spots on the board after each spin. This wild only appears during free spins. In fact, there can be one, two, or three on the board when free spins begin.

The other is a traditional wild, one that appears during all gameplay. It is a pumpkin with a bit of slime but one that doesn’t spread. It pays as would the top-paying witch symbol.

Special Notes

If Creepy Creatures fill all of the 18 positions around the board and the witch is flying around, she will stop summoning other creatures until a position frees up.

The bat-inspired multiplier only adds the multiplier to wins on a payline aligned with a bat.

Free spins cannot be retriggered during free spins. In addition, free spins are also counted at the bet level of the player when they hit. Also, if there is excess ectoplasm when the meter triggers free spins, it will return after free spins. Any creatures that were around the board will also return after the free spins finish.

Where to Play Spooktacular Spins

Players interested in trying out Spooktacular Spins can do so easily on the Nucleus Gaming website. There is a demo game to play for free, which provides insight before playing for real money on an Aussie online casino.

King Johnnie and Wild Card City both offer Spooktacular Spins for as long as players want it.



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