Ways to Find Secret Online Casino Promotions

Every online casino offers promotions and bonus offers. There are welcome bonuses, promotions for continuing players, and rewards programs for regular customers. These are relatively standard and offered by all Aussie casinos online.

Experienced players know there are other ways to find more promotions and bonuses at online casinos. They’re not so much secrets, but they are not advertised or as easy to find. By becoming a savvy online casino player, one can find lesser-known ways to save money and make money by playing the same casino games one would play anyway.

1. Use Special Promotion Codes

Sites like CasinoAUS exist to inform Aussie casino players about the sites available to them and the various aspects of them ranked by our experts. In our years of doing so, the operators have come to respect our reviews and provide us with special bonus codes.

The welcome bonuses at casinos online we provide are typically more lucrative than ones that players will find by simply going to the sites themselves. By signing up through our links, players receive better bonuses.

2. VIP Programs

Most top-ranked online casinos offer some type of VIP programs. Most automatically enroll all players, but it’s best to make sure from the moment the account is created. Every spin or hand played should count toward earning points and benefits.

Moreover, players active in awards programs receive special offers, sometimes via email and sometimes via inbox messages in the casino account. Check messages, especially when looking for reload bonus offers and other specials.

3. Account Inbox

The online casino account inbox should be checked daily. Sometimes, a casino operator will send specials and bonus offers to that inbox – seen only by players who are logged in – with one-day offers and other promotions. And those who use them will be more likely to receive them more often in the future.

4. Email Lists

Players often sign up for a new online casino account without choosing to receive promotions and bonus emails. This prevents those players from receiving all of the specials.

For example, if an online casino welcomes a new game to the site, there is a chance the operator will offer free spins to try out the new game. This may be a limited-time offer. If a player checks the email in a timely manner, they might get the chance to spin a new game for free, thus possibly winning money with absolutely no investment required.

5. Social Media

Twitter and Facebook, even sometimes Instagram, are the best ways to find specials for online casinos. More of them are using these social media outlets every day, and those paying attention may be in for surprises that are not advertised anywhere else.

Quite often, a casino wants to see who is paying attention to social media posts and will offer a limited-time promotion or bonus offer. Other times, it will point to a special blog post or another place on the casino’s website where a bonus is located, possibly a place where players don’t typically look for it.

For those who may not spend a lot of time on these social media streams, there are ways to get alerts when certain accounts make posts. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can notify via email, text message, or phone alert when a certain account makes a post. This could get annoying if following too many accounts, but choosing one or two top online casinos for these types of alerts could be a great way to save money.

6. Customer Service

Players sometimes feel that available promotions do not apply to them. Some don’t play on the days when certain promotions are offered. Others may feel that there simply aren’t enough reload bonuses to make it worthwhile to stay on a particular site.

This is when it helps to reach out to a customer service representative. Go to the “contact us” page on any casino site and ask if there are any new specials. Or ask if there is anything they can do to entice a new deposit. Tell them that another site is offering a better deal to start a new account, but the preference is to stay with the current online casino.

Online casinos are typically responsive to good customers and ones who want to stay loyal. Making a request for online casino promotions is simple, and takes a few minutes. It can also garner a better deal than any advertised promotion or bonus.

Rose Varrelli

Rose Varrelli has always been passionate about online casinos, as she’s been a player at a variety of places for years. Rose turned her personal knowledge and insight into a writing career. She aims to provide readers with the most up to date, informative news in the world of online casinos!


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