WSOP 2020 Online Continues with Main Event Building

The WSOP 2020 Online has been moving along quickly, and another week is in the past. The action on Natural8 and other GGPoker Network skins has been significant, generating large player fields and millions upon millions in prize money.

The international portion of the WSOP 2020 Online began with these events, stats, and winners:

An important event – the big one, the finale, the WSOP Main Event – got underway more than one week ago. The starting flights continue through to August 30, the day that the surviving players all convene to play down to the top 40. They will then return for the final day of play on September 5.

The Main Event flights are 15 levels, ten of which allow for late registration. And each level plays for 30 minutes. Thus far, six flights are completed with these results:

  • Day 1A: 464 players, 99 survived, Samuel Vousden leads with 717,497 chips
  • Day 1B: 114 players, 25 survived, Xuming Qi leads with 620,372 chips
  • Day 1C: 110 players, 19 survived, Karim Khayat leads with 656,260 chips
  • Day 1D: 68 players, 7 survived, Stuart Wallensteen leads with 625,267 chips
  • Day 1E: 83 players, 16 survived, Vlad Martynenko leads with 819,099 chips
  • Day 1F: 129 players, 19 survived, Milakai Vaskaboinikau leads with 796,176

In the past week, two new players from the Asia-Pacific region won WSOP events, creating a group of seven regional winners so far.

  • Event 34: Shoma “pp_syon” Ishikawa of Japan
  • Event 37: Hun Wei Lee of Australia
  • Event 38: Aaron “fishnchip” Wijaya of China
  • Event 46: Sung Joo “ArtePokerTV” Hyun of South Korea
  • Event 47: Paul Teoh of Malaysia
  • Event 64: Kartik “Mandovi” Ved of India
  • Event 68: Anson “Tara@0z” Tsang of Hong Kong

The most WSOP gold bracelet winners in the past week were:

Event 62: $1,500 PLO

  • Total entries: 990
  • Prize pool: $1,410,750
  • Paid players: 134 (minimum payout = $3,476)
  • Winner: Bradley “DrStrange7” Ruben (US) $220,160

The US player won his first piece of WSOP gold, beating out players from Israel, Austria, India, Slovenia, Finland, and Canada at the final table.

Event 63: $500 NLHE Mini Main Event

  • Total entries: 15,205
  • Prize pool: $7,222,375 (far surpassing $5M guaranteed)
  • Paid players: 1,600 (minimum payout = $1,356)
  • Winner: Ivan “zufo16” Zufic (Croatia) $843,460

This low buy-in opportunity to win a WSOP Main Event, albeit a mini version, offered reentries, and players couldn’t get to it fast enough. Ultimately, a Croatian claimed his first bracelet. And others who just missed that win hailed from India, Australia (Daniel Neilson in third and Troy Mclean in seventh), Germany, Ukraine, Singapore, Austria, and the UK.

Event 64: $840 NLHE Bounty Turbo

  • Total entries: 2,207
  • Prize pool: $1,740,800
  • Paid players: 314 (minimum payout = $905)
  • Winner: Kartik “Mandovi” Ved (India) $234,433 ($131,461 + $102,972 in bounties)

The winner from India took home almost as much in bounties as in the first-place prize. He also beat others at the final table from Russia, Spain, Romania, Brazil, US, and the UK.

Event 65: $600 NLHE Deepstack Championship

  • Total entries: 2,911
  • Prize pool: $1,659,270
  • Paid players: 368 (minimum payout = $1,424)
  • Winner: Dmytro “Too Bad” Bystrovzorov (Ukraine) $227,906

The winning Ukrainian captured his first WSOP win – and his biggest of his career, by far – and a championship title. Those who accompanied him to the final table hailed from Austria, South Africa, Croatia, Germany, Romania, and Portugal.

Event 66: $800 PLO

  • Total entries: 1,281
  • Prize pool: $973,560
  • Paid players: 188 (minimum payout = $1,694)
  • Winner: Toby “shinerrr” Joyce (Ireland) $139,453

A straight-up PLO event brought players from the US, Russia, Austria, Ukraine, Germany, India, and Brazil to the table, but it was an Irishman who won it all.

Event 67: $500 NLHE

  • Total entries: 706
  • Prize pool: $335,350
  • Paid players: 98 (minimum payout = $1,126)
  • Winner: Gregor “soulsntfaces” (Austria) $45,102

This was not one of the most well-attended events in the WSOP 2020 series, but an Austrian waded his way through the field to become a WSOP bracelet winner. Others at the final table represented Brazil, India, Belgium, Italy, France, and Canada.

Event 68: $500 NLHE Double Deepstack

  • Total entries: 2,315
  • Prize pool: $1,099,625
  • Paid players: 332 (minimum payout = $1,065)
  • Winner: Anson “Tara@0z” Tsang (Hong Kong) $150,460

It was fitting that a player from Hong Kong won this event that was timed for the convenience of players in the Asia-Pacific time zone. It was his second bracelet, and he beat players from Bangladesh, Israel, Australia (Malcolm Trayner in sixth), Mexico, Japan, Brazil, and the UK to do it.

Getting Down to the Last Weeks

These events are on the 2020 WSOP calendar for the following week, with the tournaments listed in bold scheduled for the Asia time zone.

  • Event 69 – August 23: $1,500 NLHE Marathon
  • Event 70 – August 23: $25K NLHE Poker Players Championship ($10M GTD)
  • Event 71 – August 23: $50 NLHE Big 50 (final day, 1 reentry/flight, $1M GTD)
  • Event 72 – August 25: $1,500 LHE Championship
  • Event 73 – August 26: $1K NLHE 6-Handed
  • Event 74 – August 27: $1,500 PLO
  • Event 75 – August 29: $300 NLHE Double Stack
  • Event 76 – August 30: $400 NLHE Forty Stack
  • Event 77 – August 30: $5K NLHE Main Event (2nd of 3 days, freezeout flights, $25M GTD)
  • Event 78 – August 30: $1K NLHE Turbo 6-Handed


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