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NSW Government Sponsors Jackie Chan Movie

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New South Wales (NSW) government funds a number of community projects through the Community Development Fund (CDF), among these was Jackie Chan movie called Bleeding Steel. A lot of controversy and disapproval surrounded that move. The NSW CDF has funded a number of community projects including some that were considered questionable. We will briefly look at some of the projects that the NSW CDF has helped make possible and how it accumulates its capital.


NSW Government Community Development Fund Projects

In 2017, the CDF funded its most expensive project: a movie starring the martial arts pro Jackie Chan A part of the movie was filmed at the Sydney Opera House where Jackie Chan fought a villain on the sails of the roof. The film was shot in three different countries including China and Australia.  The government defended the project as a worthwhile investment, amidst public backlash. The government in New South Wales insisted that funding the film would boost tourism and by extension the economy.

In another controversial and ironic move, the NSW government sponsored the Million Dollar Chase greyhound race with AU$900 000 earlier this year. Ironic because two years back in 2016 the same, NSW government tried to have the greyhound races and betting on them, banned.

However, the Community Development Fund in NSW has been used in projects that have been more visibly directly beneficial to the community. Throughout 2014 to 2016, 52 community projects which included new schools and places of historical and cultural significance were financed by the CDF. About AU$3.3million was spent in those projects.

How the NSW Community Development Fund is Financed

The NSW Community Development Fund (CDF) is financed through unclaimed gambling and jackpot winnings. The fund is managed by the Office of Responsible Gambling and the funds are used on the projects they deem fit. State law gives a lot of leeway in terms of how the funds should be used. The instruction given by the law is the Community Development Fund should be used for “community benefit”.

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