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Top 5 Payment Methods for Aussie Online Pokies

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There are two basic ways to play casino games on the internet, including all the most popular online pokies. The first is for play-money, which requires no real money in an account and is purely free entertainment. The second is for real money, which requires payment processing and the ability to deposit – and hopefully withdraw winnings – from an online account.

Every casino online has its own set of payment processing partners. Sometimes, the choices depend upon the company’s ability to service people in a certain country or in coordination with legal gambling.

Some online gamers choose a casino based on the options they will have to deposit and withdraw money. However, many pick their favourite online casino first and then figure out which of their payment processing choices will work for their needs. Either way, it is good to know more about all the available options.

Payment Processing Options for Australian Players

Aussie online casinos have fewer options than some other parts of the world because of the current laws and the ability to work with Australian banks.

However, there are still great choices if players know what each of them offers.

1. Visa and Mastercard

Most online casinos in Australia offer both of these credit card methods as ways to deposit funds online. Both offer instant funds for players to be able to play immediately.

Some online casinos, like Joka Room, do also allow withdrawals with a Visa card, but Mastercard typically does not allow them. Visa users can withdraw funds from an online casino. However, credit may take three to five business days before issue.

Most people only use Visa for withdrawals if the Visa credit card also serves as a debit card and connects to a bank account. But that is not a requirement.

2. Neosurf

Neosurf is a cash voucher used to make online purchases, including online casino deposits and other forms of internet-based entertainment.

Players can find a land-based location to purchase a voucher, and the Neosurf website has an easy location finder to determine the closest location. By paying cash for a Neosurf voucher, there is no identification required or paper trail of any kind. The receipt serves as a voucher and contains a 10-character code.

That code is then entered when depositing money online or paying for any online purchase, and it arranges for the deposit of those funds to the online casino account.

Any remaining balance on a voucher can transfer to another voucher, but the maximum available for a Neosurf voucher is approximately $250.

3. Bank Transfer

Most online casino sites offer a bank transfer option for deposits or withdrawals. Sometimes it’s for both, but most often for withdrawals only.

The online casino receives bank account and wire information to complete the bank transfer. A transfer of funds is then conducted, possibly taking up to three to five business days.

This is sometimes available for withdrawals from online accounts only because of current Australian gambling laws and some banks’ unwillingness to fund an online casino account. A bank and a casino’s customer support representative can subsequently answer any questions or problems.

4. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular form of digital currency, also known as cryptocurrency or electronic cash. It is anonymous and used worldwide to conduct business online without traditional financial institutions or credit card companies.

The value of a bitcoin as compared to traditional cash varies, as it fluctuates based on the current bitcoin market.

A newcomer to the Bitcoin world will have to open a virtual wallet to hold the virtual currency. There may also be a mining process to obtain one’s first Bitcoin. It sounds a bit complicated, but there are many tutorials on the internet to assist in the process.

For those who already have Bitcoin, the process of depositing to and withdrawing from an online casino account is very simple. A site like Kahuna Casino, for instance, will walk the customer through the steps. There may be a slight delay of minutes for a deposit to appear and up to a few hours for a withdrawal, but they can be immediately processed if the online casino is able to do so.

5. eWallet

Another popular form of online payment processing is an eWallet. There are numerous companies that serve as ewallets, such as paysafecard and ecoPayz.

When playing at Play Amo, those two options are available for online deposits but not withdrawals. However, the deposits are instant and very easy, with minimums of usually $A25 and maximums of at least $A4,000.

By going to an ewallet site and verifying identification, a person can simply transfer funds from any bank account to an ewallet, and that then becomes a valid payment method for online purchases and funding internet gaming accounts.