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Top 7 Attributes of Best Online Casino VIP Programs

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Every good online casino has a VIP program to reward players. Some online casino VIP programs offer basic benefits to players who contribute a certain amount of action, but the better ones offer special perks to various levels of play.

All good VIP programs provide incentive for players to keep coming back. The goal is to reward loyalty and encourage players to play more frequently on that particular online casino site in order to build toward bigger and better rewards.

Most player reward programs are tiered, so every player receives some awards at the most basic play level. However, those playing more often or for higher stakes can feel like true VIPs.

7 Top Rewards of Online Casino VIP Programs

When signing up for an online casino account, one of the things to look for in casino reviews is the VIP offerings. No matter how much a person may play, they will want to get the most for their dollar. Check out reviews for information about the VIP programs of each site or check the casinos online themselves. If there is still no readily available info, you can always email the site’s customer service for details.

It helps to know what the best online casino VIP programs provide, so here are seven benefits that they offer.

1. Free Slot Play

Even the most basic of online casino VIP programs will offer players some free spins based on their play. Earning a certain number of points will typically earn some free casino slot spins.

It might be relegated to a specific slot chosen by the casino, but free spins are always a chance to earn money. Sites like Play Amo reward players with more free spins as a player climbs up the VIP ladder. Those spins are then granted to more popular slots as the player accumulates more points.

2. Free Cash

As players earn a certain number of points through regular slot play, they can often earn cash bonuses. For example, if a player on Play Amo earns 4,000 casino points in the designated time period, they earn $50 for achieving that Superstar level. The VIP level then awards the player $200, and the Diamond level is worth $1,000.

3. Good Point Exchange Rates

Most casino sites offer straightforward conversion rates for points. Gamble $10 to win one point is an easy one to calculate, though some might go as high as $100 for one point. It is important to check the point conversion rates versus the points needed to earn benefits and prizes.

This may matter more to high-volume and high-stakes players online, but every player should look for the program that best suits their own play. And it should be worth the time and loyalty.

4. Cashback Percentages

In lieu of actual cash prizes, some sites offer something called cashback. For all losing bets placed on a site, whether on table games or slot games, players can earn a percentage of that lost money back. This is sometimes offered as a temporary promotion, but some online casino VIP programs offer cashback to loyal players.

On Fair Go Casino, for example, players can earn up to 40% cashback based on the number of points earned and money wagered in a certain period of time. This helps players offset their losses and serves as a form of cash. Raging Bull Casino also has a significant cashback program across its VIP tiers.

5. Better Bonuses

As a player moves up the ladder of a VIP chain, there should be better bonuses available to them. A low-level player may receive one type of reload bonus, but that percentage of a bonus should increase with the player’s status in the program. All bonuses should be more frequent than anything offered to new players.

6. Faster Processing

Online casinos have standard deposit and withdrawal times set for each method used. But there are ways to speed those processes. Players find this most attractive as it pertains to withdrawals, as those in the Joka Room VIP program are aware.

Earning a certain level of VIP status often garners benefits like faster withdrawals and preferred status. This means that withdrawals of VIP players are processed faster than others and given priority. Other benefits may include the option to withdraw larger amounts than normal or the waiving of any associated fees with deposits or withdrawals.

7. Information and Hosts

All VIP program members should receive special VIP newsletters, emails, or in-casino messages. This will alert them of upcoming promotions, daily specials, and other benefits that other players may not be aware of. VIP members should have access to information before other players.

At higher levels of a VIP ladder, some sites, like Joka, will assign a VIP host. This offers that player special access to a person who can answer questions, expedite requests, and make special offers for benefits only available to high-level players.