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Craps is a very interesting game with fair odds of winning. Too many people jump into playing the game without proper knowledge and suffer severe losses. Below are some helpful craps tips that if followed should get you off to a good start. Even if you are a seasoned player these tips will be a refresher course and will improve your gameplay. Let’s no waste time and get into them.

Image of Craps in play

Craps Tips to Turn Beginners into Pros

  • Learn the rules and terminology of Craps. It is essential that you get this information early so that from the beginning you are playing the game correctly. Incomplete information on the gameplay can lead to major losses due to making bad bets.
  • Set a bankroll and stick to it. Never gamble with money you are not ready to lose. This does not mean that you should go to the casino thinking that it is ok to lose money, will only result in you losing money. It is important to note that pressure and stress caused by losing money can impair the ability to make decisions.
  • Do not double your bets to cover losses. Also, do not double your bet on wins. The house has the edge so you are likely to lose. Only double your bet or press when you are playing with the profits. A good way to increase your bet is to bet on odds.

It should be noted that good money management in all casino games is the key to success and this is the also true for Craps. If you manage your money properly when you gamble, you can have a net profit from your effort. Now that we have discussed the money matters let’s talk about the gameplay.

  • Place your money on the felt only when the puck is turned off and the dice are in the middle of the table and not in the shooters hand. When the dice are in the shooters hand remove all the chips you do not want to risk in the upcoming dice roll
  • If you want to bet on areas you cannot reach, you need to inform the croupier where you want your bet to be placed. This is when playing in a live casino.
  • The sections with six and nine are written in words so that people on opposite sides of Craps table do not get confused.
  • When the puck says OFF odds bets on place bets, come bets and buy bets will not be in effect. This means you can lose the come out bet but the odds bet is returned. Make sure you know what the odds are offering before making your odds bet. A number of odds offered is clearly displayed in both online and land-based casinos. A 9 to 1 odd is the same as a 10 to 1. It means you will get nine chips from each chip you bet.

Craps Tips

There is no real science to throwing the dice. Just a couple of rules you need to keep in mind to avoid being disqualified in a live casino. Pick only two of the five dice offered by the croupier. Never throw the dice too high (above the heads of the players) or too low, you might be accused of sliding the dice.

  • Know the bets that are available and the odds they offer. Bets placed on all other parts of the table can be removed except bets on the pass, don’t pass, come and don’t come. For these bets, you have to let the hands play out.
  • Tables offer doubles and trebles on different numbers. The best tables to play on are the ones that offer doubles in 2 and 12. These have the best odds.

As a general rule of thumb, new players should stick to simple bets and only progress to more complicated bets once they have more New players need to stick to wagering on the pass line.