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In the mid-1960s, a group, or an individual, came up with a strategy to give a blackjack player the advantage over the casino, known as Oscar’s Grind blackjack strategy. The strategy is a positive progression system that can be used to increase a player’s chance of beating the casino in blackjack. The strategy was created originally for craps but was later applied to blackjack.

It is important for players to understand that the Oscar’s grind system is not a get rich quick guide. Instead, it demands patience, with an aim to make a profit off of one unit.

oscars grind

How to Use Oscar’s Grind Blackjack Strategy

Oscar’s Grind Blackjack Strategy combines negative and positive progressions. The system works on unit betting. Therefore, a player makes a wager on one unit that equals the table minimum. If a player places a one unit bet and their first-hand wins, they should increase their bet by the same amount.

However, if the player’s first-hand loses, the player should wager one unit less. This should be implemented until the player gets another winning hand.

Advantages of Oscar’s Grind Blackjack Strategy

There are many advantages for players when using the betting system. The most crucial advantage is that the system teaches a player discipline and control. This is important as a player will save more than they would lose over a period. Other advantages include:

  • The system is very easy to learn, understand and implement.
  • Players can have great results in their winnings if they combine this system with others, such as counting cards.

Disadvantages of Oscar’s Grind Blackjack Strategy

The major disadvantage of Oscar’s Grind Blackjack Strategy is that it demands patience. Other disadvantages include:

  • The system will generate small sums of money.
  • Player’s will have to play for a long period to make a lot of money.

Blackjack hand

Different Kinds of Blackjack Betting Systems

In online blackjack, there are two kinds of betting systems, negative and positive progressions.

Negative Progressions

Negative progression means that players raise their wagers after they have undergone a loss. This is not advised as a series of loses can wipe your bankroll out faster.

Positive Progressions

In positive progressions the general theory is that players raise their betting amounts after a win, meaning that a player’s raised bets are funded by money that they have won.


Oscar’s Grind for blackjack strategies has been proven to work by many online gamblers. Player’s will not receive a lot of money at a time. However, the system prevents them from losing a lot of money at a time.