Oscar’s Roulette Strategy

Oscar’s Roulette Strategy is an even chance betting system that can be used for colour, odd and even bets. The system is used all over the world by gambling enthusiasts. Now, Casino Aus presents it to you to increase your chances of winning. Oscar’s Roulette Strategy is a positive progression system. The system might result in players having more losses than wins in a session, but will still make them come out on top.

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How to Use Oscar’s Grind Roulette Strategy

Oscar’s Roulette Strategy aims to help players win just one wager, however high or low the stakes are. The strategy should be used in sessions. Therefore, the session should be started off by betting the minimum. The session ends once a gambler is one unit higher than they were.

The system is extremely easy to implement. A player is advised to increase their bets by one if their game resulted in a win. This should be done until players get four increases. If a player loses, they should not increase their bet. The aim is to win one unit at a time, and players should go back to the beginning of the progression once they’ve made a one-unit profit.

By a one unit profit we mean, if a player bets AU$1 at a time, they should increase their bet by AU$1 after a win. Oscar’s Grind Roulette System has four levels that players move through while playing.

The Rules of Oscar’s Roulette Strategy

The roulette strategy does not guarantee players that they will win at all times. Therefore, Casino Aus has proved some basic rules for players to follow. These rules are important to follow because it will keep a player’s bankroll safe. The rules are:

  • Keep your bet the same size if your previous bet resulted in a loss.
  • Increase your bet by one unit if you won your previous bet.
  • It would be wise to stop if you have an overall profit of one unit.

Advantages of Oscar’s Roulette Strategy

The beauty of Oscar’s Roulette Strategy is that you only increase your wager size once you win. This will prevent your bankroll from running out, as a series of ten losses will be completely offset by four straight wins. Therefore, if you have a series of wins or losses you will still attain your aim. The game also allows a player to make a profit after just one spin.

Disadvantages of Oscar’s Roulette Strategy

The only disadvantage of Oscar’s Roulette strategy is that when a player loses their bet size remains the same and when they win they will increase their bet size by a dollar.


The system is used by gamblers all over the world. The system prevents a player from having awful sessions. However, the system depends on longer streaks. The system is ideal for new online gamblers to use, as it will acquaint them with the game of roulette.


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