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The anti-Martingale strategy includes sharing bets every time the player loses a trade. It also doubles the bets when you win. The betting system is quite easy to understand and it can be used on different wagers. Parlay Anti-Martingale Roulette Betting strategy has been used for decades with different bets. Some of the bets include table games, sports betting and some of the betting that is compatible to Parlay Anti-Martingale Roulette Betting. With roulette, it works with outside and inside bets.

Parlay Anti-Martingale Roulette Betting System

Roulette Betting Systems

Should a player come across a collective bet then it will be easy to understand the system. The players aim is to score on their games more than two consecutive wins. Which will make it possible to make a profit at an aggressive rate.

The Parlay System – example

  • Assume your aim is to make AU$10 in a session
  • You place an outside bet on red with AU$1 and win
  • Then you bet AU$2 on red once again and win.
  • Now your winnings amount to AU$4 and you choose to bet the lot on red once more.
  • Then luckily you win, getting AU$8.
  • You make a bet on red and win, making you win AU$16. Then you would have exceeded your target which is AU$10.

Parlay Anti-Martingale Roulette –Beat the Roulette Wheel

The anti-martingale betting system is the opposite of the popular Martingale betting system. It aims to recover loss by doubling betting’s on losing streaks. The Anti-Martingale betting system increases the bet size whenever there is a win. Who doesn’t want their winnings to be doubled?

To start using the anti-Martingale wagering system at a roulette table, you have to make a minor bet of your choice. Should you win, you can place the next bet twice the original bet. The great thing about this aspect is that you now don’t have to use your own money, instead, you can use the money you have won. Moreover, you can choose to bet on a different number.

Parlay Anti-Martingale

The Winning Streak

Before you begin your game, you have to know the length of the winning streak that you want to take. Moreover, make sure that you have set a good budget for the game. Decide on the number of wins you would want to double up on before you take part in an anti-Martingale betting system.

Should you lose your wager at the beginning before reaching your target, you should stop and not double. It is better to start afresh.

When you win on your first bet, double the next bet. When you win, double the third bet of the second. When you win, don’t double your bet again. Better start afresh.