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The Paroli Betting system, sometimes referred to as the Reverse or Anti-Martingale System, is regarded a positive progression scheme by many seasoned gamblers. This strategy for betting online craps is aimed at increasing a gambler’s profits by taking advantage of winning streaks.

In simple terms, the online craps Paroli system is based on the theory that you, the player, should keep increasing your bets after a successful deal or hand. Many online craps players who have tried and tested this system claim that the strategy is likely to guarantee you more advantage over the best online casino and help you use your wagers more effectively.

The Paroli Betting System for Online Craps in Australia

Using the Paroli Betting System in Craps

Let’s say one betting unit is equal to AU$10 and one unit is a starting bet. In such a case, if you’ve lost two times and won three times, the sequence would be like this:

  • 1st Hand – One unit wager, your hand loses
  • 2nd Hand – Still one unit wager, hand loses again
  • 3rd Hand – One unit wager, your hand wins
  • 4th Hand – Two unit wagers, a win again
  • 5th Hand – Three unit wagers, another win

Advantages of the Paroli Betting System

A few positives are associated with this craps online winning strategy. Here are three cons of how the Paroli system is likely to benefit you, this according to seasoned gamblers:

  • The strategy enables you to create your own craps winning sequence.
  • Helps Aussie players define the number of hands that are required in an online craps game to stop a betting round.
  • Losses are generally small when they occur.
  • When a win is acquired, you have a chance of doubling your bet.
  • The Paroli System in craps prevents you from making big wagers.

Quite a good strategy right?! Players can also try out the Parley System for betting online craps.

More over, Casino Australia advises you to play smart. Winning a couple of times does not necessarily guarantee that you will be winning the next online craps hands. So, when luck is on your side, take your winnings get out!