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Pokies strategies to activate bonus features allow Australian gamblers to select the correct item in a pick-to-win bonus feature. The selection will activate bonus features for players to enjoy. If players have ever wondered if the outcomes are pre-determined, there’s no need to wonder anymore. Casino Aus has provided the answer to all Aussie gamblers. Players are, however, unable to activate any bonuses during online pokies gameplay.

pokies strategies

How the Pokies Strategies Bonus Features Work

Bonus features are activated once a player has chosen a specific item. The chosen pokie item will reveal what is hidden under other icons. Gamblers that often choose the lowest values to bet learn that the bonus winnings are already determined, and larger unchosen values that are uncovered at the end of a bonus round is randomly generated onto the screen. Therefore, bonus rewards are lower, resulting in bonus features being useless because the results are pre-programmed by the suppliers.

Big amounts that get uncovered during a bonus feature are created to increase a player’s gambling interest. Big wins during regular plays do the same thing.

Online Pokies Bonus Features Determined

Online pokies games use a Random Number Generator (RNG) which is software based. The RNG produces a sequences of icons that combinations are built on. Combinations and winning amounts are therefore generated while the gambler is playing.

When selecting items during a bonus feature, the pokies machines automatically create winning values. Therefore, the payout amounts are determined by the choices players make while playing. The RNG controls the bonus features and can create a number of random sequences.


There are no strategies to use to create a better winning sequence when playing online pokies. The results are completely incalculable and unpredictable, as it is randomly organised while a player is gambling. Therefore, strategies and tips provided by “gambling experts” are of no use.