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Protesters Unhappy with the Star Casino Exemption

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The new laws have been passed around the clubs and pubs located within Sydney to lockout at 1:30am. However, it has been revealed that Star Casino holds a 24-hours liquor license that gives it the right to operate in its own terms. “The Reclaim the Streets” group is unhappy about the arrangements and further on said that the laws are strangling the city’s nightlife.

The protesters, who are part of the group took to the streets and voiced their displeasure in front of the casino. They went on to dump the biggest human excrement replica outside the front doors of the casino.  Their leaders have questioned the sanity around other bars and clubs having to obey the laws but others don’t. They said the deals are giving the powerful casino chains an unfair advantage.

It has been discovered that another casino, Bangaroo will also be exempt from the laws that came into effect over two years ago. The Bangaroo Casino is still in development but it is already under scrutiny.

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Star Casino defends itself

Chief executive officer of Star Entertainment Group, Matt Bekier, said that the casino had every right to be not included in the lockout laws. He cites that Star Casino is one of the safest venues in the world. Bekier also referred to the statistics when defending his company, he went on to declare that they have over 11 million visitors, which in his terms means people trust the venue.  He said Star Casino is an international tourism destination that needs to be recognised.

The government justified the introduction of the law as a way of combating crime, especially assaults. This was after a teenager died on New Year’s Eve in 2013. The killer of 18-year-old Daniel Christie, Shaun McNeil was sent to the correctional facilities to serve a seven and half year sentence after killing Christie with just a single punch on the head. He blamed alcohol when questioned in court and said he was too drunk to make sane decisions.

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