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Robert Chappell Fired After Paid Leave

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The Independent Gambling Authority has fired Director Robert Chappell on his return from a ten-month paid leave. To date, it is still unclear why he was fired, how much he was paid during his leave and whether he received a termination package or not.


This role was terminated on 5 May 2017. Attorney-General John Rau could not give detailed answers to the media around the matter. Providing brief answers, he said “Any suggested connection between Mr Chappell’s departure and SkyCity’s recent announcement is ludicrous…I am currently seeking advice about what information can be provided about Mr Chappell’s departure.”


Gambling Authority – Chappell’s Journey

Robert Chappell has been director of The Independent Gambling Authority since November 2000 and has seen to the regulations of casinos for integrity and fair gaming. In 2006, he also became a convener of the Gambling Research Australia.


SkyCity’s expansion remains subject to discussions with the State Government and the Independent Gambling Authority; this is according to a report by the company. Eyebrows remain raised as Mr Chappell’s termination coincides with SkyCity’s multi-million casino upgrade of their Adelaide casino.


Stephen Knoll who represents the South Australian House of Assembly for the Liberal Party of Australia has questions. He says that Mr Rau gave little clarity “Why is the Government refusing to say why Mr Chappell was put on leave? Why was he terminated? How much was he paid and was the matter referred to the police?”


Mr Knoll says that this is just another example of a long line of other cases where government hides large payouts to fired employees


What Happens in the Interim?

Jeanette Barnes, who is The Independent Gambling Authority’s general manager of operations will be taking over Mr Chappell’s role. Miss Barnes will be in this role while Parliament decides whether to keep the role or dissolve it all together in the long run.