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Online Roulette is also known as the queen of online casino games. Roulette is a casino game that can be played by anyone at both land-based casinos and online casinos. It comes with simple rules that are easy to understand. This means that it’s also a game for both, seasoned and novice players – it doesn’t take too long to master the game’s concepts. Like any other casino game, the game comes with different roulette betting systems used by online casino players.

Roulette Betting Systems - Martingale

In all honesty, most of these systems are way too complicated for a novice player to understand, some will require the player to have a large bankroll, and some are just plain useless. However, there are some of these roulette besting systems that are worth to know and learn about such as the Martingale betting system. So relax, read on and learn more about the Martingale betting system below.

Martingale Roulette Betting Systems

This is one of the simplest betting systems there is in the realm of online roulette. More so, some know it as the first Roulette strategy. With this roulette betting system, all a player has to do is to choose a colour that tickles their fancy on the roulette table. After that, they have to start betting on it and doubling up their bets each time they lose, until they finally win.

For instance, a player can register at their desired online casino, make a deposit, perhaps with the sign-up bonus money and then open a roulette table. The minimum bet that can be placed on either black or red is AU$5. And in this case, the player chooses red. This means that they will make  AU$5 wager on the red colour, then the ball lands on 26 (Black) they will lose their AUD$5. If the player is using the Martingale roulette betting system, in the next spin they will have to place  AU$10 bet.  This will go on and on until the ball finally lands on red (32).


Though some players have confirmed that this is one of the best roulette betting systems, at casino Australia, we would like to assume that there is no definite system that can make a player win or beat the system. It’s all about Lady Luck. Register at any of our recommended casinos and see if Lady Luck is on your side today.