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Illegal Gambling Gumshoe over Russia Ahead Of World Cup

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The offshore books of Russian shell companies have billions of dollars pouring in a year that link to one semi-legal growing industry. Illegal gambling has blossomed and is still growing in other countries as it is one of the major problems that countries face every day.

Illegal Gambling in Russia

Illegal Gambling in Russia – World cup 2018

This brings the first-hand encounter for the country as it gets ready to host the World Cup starting in June 2018. Russia has been in the news for the past few years for match-fixing allegations in football. Illegal gambling is less expected to take place in football. This can’t take place when the country is about to host the most loved and enjoyed sport in the next couple of days.

Illegal Gambling – Russia

This represents an additional dark corner for the country’s economy which experts have struggled to protect. The Director of the government-mandated online betting payment system, Anton Rozhkovsky, said in a comment: “The total revenue volume of the legal and offshore online bookmaking industry totals to more than two billion dollars a year,” He continued in a statement and said – ”We don’t pretend to know if the real number is $2.5 billion or $4 billion and about 70% of the money forms part of the illegal offshore accounts”. A confined request for a prior arrangement of gambling was set-out with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

It further led to ostentatious casinos and dodgy slot machine halls launching across Russia. The Russian government tried to enforce order by shutting them down in 2009. However, they are still fighting the battle today. The illegal market is to triple in the next five years should there be no solution. The government should allow bookies to open sports betting businesses that gravitate towards football. With the Value-added internet access, most of the punters online, is more likely to triple.