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Tennis betting is a fun way to add some additional excitement while watching a tennis match, something enjoyed by numerous Australian gamblers. Making a tennis bet is an exciting wager to witness as the passionate game plays out. Australian tennis betting has been a popular past time for a while, however, in 2011, things got incredibly interesting. In 2011 the first ever Tennis players were banned for life. Corruption tennis has been an issue for quite some time, and when Daniel Koellerer, former world No. 55 Austrian tennis player attempted to fix matches, he was banned. Still, this hasn’t deterred many Australian gamblers who still get a kick out of wager on their favorite sport.

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There may be some of you out there that have made a tennis bet on the major tennis tournaments (e.g. The French Open, US Open, etc.) but it may come to a surprise to some to know that tennis tournaments run from January to December every year. This is particularly why many people bet on tennis, it is one of the few sports where year round profits can be made. People love tennis betting because there are numerous amounts of betting options they can choose from. Besides placing bets on the winner, betters can bet on the sets, game lines, and other various props.

A close up image of a Tennis Racquet hitting a ball


With any sport, match fixing is an issue, but playing and betting online is hassle free and offers less trouble.

4 Different Australian Tennis Betting Rules:

  • Ball Served: There is only one serve required per match.
  • 1 Set Completed: one set has to be completed of the bet to stand.
  • 2 Sets completed: 2 sets have to be completed for the bet to stand.
  • Match Completed: The entire match has to be done/completed for the bets to stand.

Tennis Betting Australian Markets:

  • Match Winner
  • Handicaps
  • Set Betting –scores
  • Total Games/Total Sets
  • Tournaments ‘Outright Winner’ bets

Match Winner:

This is the most common tennis bet. You bet on who will win the match.  You bet on who will beat the other person. E.g. Andy Murray 2/1 – Rafael Nadal 2/5


You bet on a player to beat the other player on a specific handicap. E.g. Andy Murray +3.5 4/5 – Rafael Nadal -3.5 Evens.

Set Betting:

You bet on the exact outcome of the match, in sets.

Total Games:

Under/over – these bets give you the chance to cash-in on a match, regardless of who wins. E.g. bet on the total sets played.


Bet on a player to win a tournament. This is referred to as Outright Winner betting. This is offered for all tournaments.

Keep in Mind:

When betting on Tennis, there are certain focus points to keep in mind:

  • Principal Markets: Tournaments : Outright Winner

Match: Match Odds, Total Games, Number of Sets, Set Betting, Set Handicap and set winner.

  • Motivation – e.g. Nadal is not good on grass.
  • Fitness – Injuries.
  • Playing conditions – surfaces (Clay, grass, and hard court)
  • Weather
  • Head-to-heads
  • Left-handers
  • In-Play betting
  • Outright tournament betting

Famous Tennis Players:

Athlete Grand Slam W Age P.O.B
Rafael Nadal 14 28 Spain
Roger Federer 17 33 Switzerland
Serena Williams 19 26 US
Maria Sharapova 5 27 Russia
Venus Williams 7 34 US
Andy Murray 2 27 UK