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Tabcorp Changes to Powerball and Oz Lotto Pay Off

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Tabcorp recently reported it is paying out larger Powerball and Oz Lotto jackpots, attracting more players, and seeing revenue rise as a result. As it seems, everyone wins.

The numbers for Tabcorp back up the claim, too. Winners are up 55% to 75%, while the average value of jackpots is up from $28.4 million to $37.8 million from financial year to year.

It is all a result, says Tabcorp, of the drastic rebranding and refocusing of Powerball more than one year ago. There were events and advertisements, changes and outreach. And it has paid off with marked results; from the percentage of people playing to the number of winners and the amounts being paid. But changes have also been seen in brand awareness and a younger audience.

New Tabcorp Vision Takes Hold

Powerball needed a boost. And Tabcorp’s Ben Johnson was the person to do it.

As the Head of Brand for Lotteries, Johnson wanted to take a new approach to Powerball to regenerate interest, especially among younger adults. As he told CMO, “We’ve always been built around the essence of freedom and giving someone the chance to live an extraordinary life. Jackpot offers were great at the time of our launch – up to $50 million – and this helped us retain players. But what we found was it was mostly existing players. The campaign wasn’t good at attracting new audiences, which we needed in order to grow.”

Johnson got to work with a media agency and other partners to keep current customers, but also bring in past players who weren’t regulars, as well as garner new interest from the 25-49 age group. They then decided on a new image ; one that focusses on what a person could be instead of what they could buy with jackpot money.

“People had this desire to be someone else but were constrained by social norms and financial means. Inside of everyone was this version of themselves hoping to get out,” he said.

Thus, the new motto was born: “Play by your own rules.”

The theme was a power ball, a gathering of players who come together as their true selves. And they pushed the new tagline and theme through television ads and on digital channels. And they kicked it off with an actual party for 600 people.

With the trust of Tabcorp management and a marketing team, Johnson pushed the new campaign.

New Tabcorp Campaign Finds Success

The project came to fruition in 2018 and began to show immediate results.

It could be seen as early as the half-year report for the time period ending December 31, 2018. Revenue for the lotteries and keno division was up 18% from the previous year.

Moreover, Tabcorp was able to show a retained audience rate of 97% while growing its new audience rate from 62% to 83%. People who played in the past three-month period grew from 23-33%.

The total lotteries digital turnover showed a 63.5% increase. And digital lotteries now comprise 21.5% of the total turnover of that segment. It was the “standout performance” of the first half of the fiscal year, per Tabcorp CEO and Managing Director David Attenborough.

The latest numbers from Tabcorp showed an increase to its average top-end jackpot pools. The average value of jackpots grew from $28.4 million in 2018 to $37.8 million in the current financial year.

Changing the chance of winning any prize in Powerball contributed to those numbers; instead of any prize being 1 in 78 tickets, it rose to 1 in 44 tickets. Players were allowed to choose seven numbers from 35 balls instead of six numbers from 40, and another prize division was added.

According to Attenborough, “Powerball and Oz Lotto are our two jackpot games, and in the first 10 months of this financial year, they have already recorded 39 large jackpots of $15 million-plus. This is around the number of jackpots we would typically expect in a full year.”

More to Come

Johnson is not done with his initiative. He says his team is eyeing Oz Lotto next, and the goal will be to increase the “fun” factor. Keno changes are also in the works.

Overall, Tabcorp is promoting its “set for life” campaign to focus on the life-changing aspects of the lottery. The newest product offers a seven-day draw period to win $20,000 per month for 20 years.