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Casino AUS has pledged to provide our Australian readers with the best news, reviews, and information concerning online casinos in Australia. It is also important to us that our Aussie readers understand any terms and conditions that are associated with using the Casino AUS website, so we’ve put together some information on the subject. This is all written in plain English, so there’s no legal jargon here to confuse our readers. This terms and conditions page should clear up any confusion surrounding using our website, as well as the privacy policy in place at Casino AUS.

Privacy Information

In a world where people are concerned about what data is being collected when they browse the Internet, we felt it was important to inform our readers from Australia exactly what Casino AUS collects. Aussie readers don’t have to worry about any personal information being collected as Casino AUS only collects very general information about those browsing our website. This information is completely anonymous and is never shared. No one from Casio AUS will ever ask a reader for their personal information, and the uses of the info we do collect are very limited. Here is a list of things we might do with any information we collect:

  • Info may be used to display personalised adverts to readers.
  • Info can be used to help Casino AUS develop the website and improve the services on offer.
  • Casino AUS can use this information for research, determining how readers access our content, what times are the most popular, and where the reader is located.
  • We shall never use it for anything other than the stated reasons above.

Casino AUS reserves the right to make any changes to our privacy policy that we deem necessary. Should any major changes occur, our readers will be formally notified of the revisions.

As stated above, Casino AUS will never share and data we have collected on our users, except under the following exceptions:

  • Should Casino AUS be presented with a court order that requires CASINO AUS to comply
  • Should Casino AUS be acquired by another company or merger with another firm
  • Providing information to trusted companies that are legally required to keep the information confidential.

Written Content

The team at Casino AUS has always strived to make sure that any content we write is fair, honest, and accurate. We make sure that our content is unbiased and we won’t accept money for a positive piece. However, should we ever do a paid promotion, Casino AUS will make it clear to or readers that we have been paid to write a piece of content.

All written content on Casino AUS belongs to us, and we reserve the right to make any changes we deem necessary to our content, or any other aspect of the website, without providing readers with prior notice.

Safety and Security at Casino AUS

Casino AUS takes the safety and privacy of our readers seriously and has taken the appropriate steps to ensure any data we have collected is secure. Our servers are secure and use the appropriate encryption to ensure that our reader’s data is not accessed by anyone who is not associated with Casino AUS.

Complaints & Suggestions

The Casino AUS team welcomes all forms of input from our readers. We value any feedback provided, and our team will go through all messages sent in. The Contact Us page is available should anyone want to get in touch with the team at Casino AUS, for any reason, including the following:

  • Any concerns or complaints about a review that a reader believes are unfair, inaccurate, or biased.
  • Inaccurate or incomplete game guides, or other pages found on Casino AUS.
  • Should a player have any suggestions, compliments or complaints with any other aspects related to our

Please keep in mind though that we will not handle any complaints about an online casino. If a player is unhappy with a casino, the issue must be taken up with said casino directly. The team at Casino AUS is not responsible for any actions that an online casino may take.