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The video poker strategy can be used on poker games that contain wild or joker symbols differ from those that do not because an additional symbol affects combinations and payouts. There are many different combinations, including five of a kind, four deuces or wild royal flush. The calculated payout return for these combinations is 99.27% if one deck is being used.

video poker strategy

About the Video Poker Game Deuces Wild

When playing deuces wild video poker, players are urged to understand that all 2’s are jokers and can take any value of any card to create the highest combination possible. The wild cards affect hand probabilities greatly. Therefore, payouts for deuces wild differ from ordinary Jacks or Better Poker.

Video Poker Strategy Rules for Different Combinations

Our expert team of players have combined a couple of rules that online casino players should know before they commit to the game. These are:

  • Keep any royal flush or five of a kind.
  • If your hand contains two suited high cards, keep it to form a royal flush.
  • If there are two deuces on the board, hold them to create a straight flush or a higher combination. Players should also keep straight flushes, four deuces and 40K.
  • If you have one deuce, hold any hand that you have, excluding:
  • Hold four cards for straight flush, straight and royal flush.
  • hold three high cards to create a royal flush
  • if you have two pairs, keep one.
  • For flush, keep four cards and draw one.
  • For straight, hold four cards.
  • Hold four cards for straight-draw.
  • If you have a hand containing K-Q, J-Q or J-10, hold them and draw three cards.
  • If you received four cards to wild royal flush, keep them and draw a fifth card.
  • If your hand contains two weak cards and three deuces, draw two cards and hold the deuces.

Deuces Wild Payout Schedule

It is vital for players to consider the payout schedule for deuces wild before making a bet. Majority of the deuces wild video poker machines require players to place the maximum bet, which is five coins. The highest paying hand in deuces wild is the natural royal flush, which is a royal flush hand without wild cards. The payout odds for a royal flush are 800 to 1.