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From a seasoned veteran, to the start out novice, all players ultimately seek knowledge on how to better their casino experience, both online and within the physical world. Therefore, this complete gambling guide will serve as a secure and informative instruction for all Australian players to enjoy. Become enlightened within the world of casinos today and know your way around the legislation, tax obligation and even the lingo of both the online and land based casino realm! For more on all you need to know about gambling, read our online gambling guide below.

Players online gambling guide

Get to Know the Gambling Legislation of Australia

Thanks to the diversity of our colourful country, the gambling legislation within Australia varies from state to state. Gambling in Australia can be dated as far back as the 1700’s, arriving on the ships along with the first settlers. From then on, this humble pass time grew into a country wide favourite, and as the game progressed, so too did the law. As the expansion of online casinos and land based offerings continues to grow, the gambling legislation adapts and we shall take a brief look now at the development of this below:

Some of the Earliest Australian Gambling Laws

The “Act to Restrain the Practice of Gambling and the Use of Obscene Language” was the first gambling legislation to be passed in Australia, being announced in 1852. Shortly thereafter, 1853 brought the “Vagrant Act” into play, which was aimed at prohibiting the play of various card games. The ban on wagering on card games ran strongly throughout Australia all the way through to the 1970’s. Strangely enough though, the practice of horse racing and various other forms of sports betting was still permitted.

Modern Gambling Laws of Australia

The first land based casino to emerge within Australia took shape in Tasmania. Wrest Point Hotel Casino came into play in 1973, and from there onward the casino industry started to boom throughout Australia.

To date, there are currently twelve land based casinos available for players to make use of throughout the states and territories of main Australia, with two more land based offerings appearing on the island of Tasmania. The key legislation of each state and territory varies, as do the governing bodies. The regulatory authorities throughout Australia are listed as follows:

  • ACT (Australia Capital Territory) – within ACT the gambling authority regulatory body is the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission
  • NSW (New South Wales) – The NWS Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing Governs this state
  • Northern Territory – the regulatory office responsible for this territory is the Licensing Commission
  • Queensland – Queensland state is governed by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation
  • South Australia – South Australia is governed by the Independent Gambling Authority
  • Tasmania – the state of Tasmania falls under the Tasmanian Gaming Commission
  • Victoria – the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation oversees the area of Victoria
  • Western Australia – the regulatory office responsible for this state is the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor

All authorities are comprised of various Acts enforcing law across the board in relative means. The only common ground law for gambling within Australia falls within the online sector.

Online Gambling Laws of Australia

Generally, all laws surrounding gambling are handled on a state and territory level throughout Australia as opposed to being governed by the Australian Commonwealth Parliament. However, as of the 28th of June 2001, the Interactive Gambling Act – or IGA – was passed, receiving assent as of the 11th of July of the same year.

This Act was put into place specifically for online gambling operators stipulating various restrictions within Australia.

Gambling Laws for players

General Gambling Statistic of Australia

Research has shown that over 80% of the Australian population participate in the practice of gambling on an annual basis. This shows that this pass time is in fact one of the major forms of entertainment throughout our country. With this comes speculation and a plethora of frequently asked questions, so read on below to gain insight on the Australian gambling scene:

Is International Online Gambling Permitted to Australian Players?

It most certainly is. No criminal prosecutions will be charged to an individual for playing at an online casino. The Australian government handles issues directly with the online providers. Australian players are free to play at which ever site would accept them.

Can Australian Players Wager in Australian Dollars?

Thanks to the high amount of Australian players opting to now gamble online, majority of online casinos now accept the AUD as a recognized currency.

Is it Considered Illegal to Deposit and Withdraw Money to an Online Casino as an Australian Player?

Whilst the government may frown upon banks allowing their clients to do so, it is not considered illegal for Australians to perform withdrawals and deposits into their online casino accounts. There are also a number of financial service providers like eWallets making the process that much easier for us Aussies to finance our online casino accounts.

Will I be Taxed on my Winnings?

Australia is one of the few countries within the world that will not tax their players on any winnings made whilst gambling. This applies to both land based and online casino operations. This is due to the fact that gambling is considered to be a hobby as opposed to a viable career.

Online gambling Security in Australia

One of the biggest flags raised in all players’ minds is whether or not they are secure when playing online. This is a legitimate concern, but luckily, Casino Australia have a few simple step by step tips on how to know whether or not you are in good hands:

  1. Check that the casino is licensed through a legitimate governing body such as the Malta Gaming Authority
  2. Ensure the casino is registered with eCOGRA
  3. Make sure the site provides some form of encryption software to protect your details such as the 128-bit encryption system
  4. If you suspect foul play, know that you can speak to the casino’s help team. If this fails, proceed to the company holding their license and if all else falls short, take it up with eCOGRA

Handling Problem Gambling in Australia

Problem gambling is a real concern across the world. There is always the risk that someone may become addicted to the high and adrenaline that comes along with a big win. Luckily, the Australian Government has recognized this and put preventative programs in place to help people avoid getting caught in the trap. There are a number of sites available for players to gain information through and even various support groups put in place such as Gamblers Anonymous. If you feel yourself or a loved one developing a problem, be sure to seek help. If gambling is causing you to miss work, developing problems within your home life or causing you to sell your possessions to fund your next play, you should take action. Know that there is a plethora of support available for you or your loved ones.

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An Overview of the Gambling Guide for Australian Players

In conclusion, it is always helpful for all to have a bit of insight into the gambling world and what is has to offer. Casino Australia offers information on a number of online casinos, various games to partake in and so much more for our readers to make use of. Feel free to browse our sight and get the answers you need before making any commitments!