Top 7 Ways to Win Keno Online

Online keno is a relatively simple game, but it has the ability to create the same excitement as a lotto drawing.

The lay is much like a lottery. Keno players choose from a series of numbers, and a random drawing chooses from the same series. Any matching numbers are winners.

Online Keno Options

Online keno is especially fun for several reasons. Not only are there different variations and themes to spice up the game, but it is also the kind of game that can be played while doing other things. It doesn’t require undivided attention, as the technology marks any matching numbers and awards wins.

A single online keno game can be set to play the same numbers consistently. Or players can choose a new set of numbers for each drawing.

For example, an online keno game might feature 80 numbers (one through 80). The player selects up to 15 numbers, though an auto-select can choose numbers randomly for the player. The drawing then puts up the winning numbers, and matches are highlighted. (A match is also known as a catch.) Winnings are then paid according to the set pay table that dictates how many catches warrant payouts.

If all of the numbers catch, it is a jackpot!

Some Aussie online casinos even offer the opportunity to play multiple keno cards at once, again similar to a lottery. Players have many keno choices online.

The online keno games on Fair Go Casino or Uptown Pokies both offer an 80-number game with a quick-pick option, or the player can choose 15 numbers. The games start at $0.01 and go up to $0.25, $1.00, $5.00, or $10.00. Players can also play a single game at a time, or go for five or ten using the same selected numbers.

Play Amo has several keno themes and options, including a live dealer online keno game.

For new or returning online keno players, there are some basic strategies and tips to use.

  1. Play free or low stakes at first.

Every keno screen looks different. Every keno variation has unique features.

The method of play may be simple, but it is always smart to seek out a free game or play the lowest bet possible on the first few cards to get the feel of the game. It is also the best way to try out a new strategy before playing for normal stakes.

  1. Choose the best payouts.

If an online casino site has several keno game options, click on each and look at the pay tables. One game might pay 9-to-1 for a certain number of matches, while another might pay only 7-to-1 for that same type of catch.

Another way to ensure a better payout is to check the RTP of each keno game. That return-to-player ratio indicates how often players win, on average. If the online casino doesn’t show the RTP for each game, use Google to find the RTP of specific game titles.

  1. Choose fewer numbers.

The tendency in a keno game is to pick as many numbers as possible. It seems as if that will increase the chances of a payout. However, the chances of hitting all of those numbers are very slim.

Most keno enthusiasts suggest picking no fewer than four numbers and no more than eight. This keeps the player within a good payout system.

  1. Bet multiple cards.

For those who want to play their own lucky numbers in every game, play a multi-card game with several boards at once to save time. It can be hard to watch, but the game moves quicker, and it is more exciting to see at least one or two cards catch a few numbers each time.

  1. Don’t trust hot or cold numbers.

Odds are odds. There is no better chance for one number to hit over another. By betting a number that hasn’t hit for some time, it might seem like a cold number and one that is “due,” but that’s not true.

With that said, some people do believe in luck and hot or cold numbers. Following instincts is a reasonable way to choose numbers if one does remember that instincts don’t change the odds.

  1. Use a serious strategy.

Many keno specialists have written complicated, math-driven strategies for keno. Those require some study and practice but can be fun to try.

The simplest one, especially for beginners, is to bet consecutive numbers. For example, if betting eight numbers, choose two sets of four in a row, such as 10-11-12-13-1 and 45-46-47-48.

  1. Know when to stop.

If the numbers aren’t hitting, and the losses are piling up beyond a normal comfort level – which varies for each individual player – there is no harm in stopping the session.

The best thing about online keno is the ability to start and stop anytime.


Rose Varrelli

Rose Varrelli has always been passionate about online casinos, as she’s been a player at a variety of places for years. Rose turned her personal knowledge and insight into a writing career. She aims to provide readers with the most up to date, informative news in the world of online casinos!


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