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Privacy policies are there to protect you and to make certain that your safety is never compromised.

In a world where data is now considered currency, it’s only natural for players to be concerned about their personal information. Questions like what data is collected when you browse our site or an online casino; if your data is protected by encryption technology and how to safeguard yourself arises.

So, we felt it was necessary to inform our Casino AUS readers what data is collected when you browse our site.

Casino AUS Privacy Policy

Aussie readers don’t have to worry about any personal information being collected as Casino AUS only collects general information about those browsing our website. This information is completely anonymous and is never shared. In addition, no one from Casino AUS will ever ask a reader for their personal information. Further, the actions we take with the data collected are limited. Below is a list of things we might do with the information we collect:

  • Data may be used to display personalised adverts to readers
  • Data can be used to help Casino AUS develop the website and improve the services on offer
  • Casino AUS can use this information for research, determining how readers access our content, what times are the most popular, and where the reader is located


We will never use the data for anything other than the stated reasons above. However, there is circumstances where we will be required to release the information. The following are the conditions that need to be met:

  • If Casino AUS is presented with a court order that requires us to comply
  • Should Casino AUS be acquired by another company or merge with another firm
  • Providing information to trusted companies that are legally required to keep the information confidential

Casino AUS reserves the right to make any changes to our privacy policy that we deem necessary. Should any major changes occur, our readers will be formally notified of the revisions.

Online Casino Privacy Policies

Now that we’ve discussed our privacy policy, let’s discuss the privacy policies that protect you at online casinos. Remember, the privacy policy will vary from casino to casino. However, there should be standard practices that reputable casinos adhere to. These practices include:

  1. Encryption Technology

A reputable online casino adheres to the industry standard of a 128-bit SSL certificate. Use of this encryption technology is mandatory and is in fact used by banking institutions for internet transactions.

  1. Regulatory Bodies

To provide you with a safe online gambling experience, online casinos will strive to acquire approval form regulatory gaming bodies. In addition, the casinos will clearly display the seals of approval from these regulatory bodies.

  1. No Spam

Online casinos are entitled to send you information regarding their promotions, bonuses and important information. However, they are not allowed to spam you or provide your details to third parties that will spam you.