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With over $20 billion spent on gambling every year in Australia, the time has come to go mobile.

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The new wave hitting the world is that everything is going mobile, especially in the online casino world. By now you would have started seeing the images stating “Available on Android” for smartphone users or “Available on the App Store” for iOS users.

Leisure video sport and gambling casino games icons with mobile phone concept illustration

The major issue with the move to mobile apps for Online Casinos is the fact that Google Play is not interested in advertising gambling sites, therefore people have had to think smart. For example William Hill Online Casino has written “Download the William Hill App to bet on the Go…” , what this does is allow the app to be seen without it have wording that resembles casinos or gambling.

iOS users however are not restricted, according to App Store guidelines. As long as the online casinos have licensing and permissions where the App is used they will be fine. They also need to ensure that the locations are restricted to certain locations and not available in restricted countries. Last but not least, the app must be free to download.

The great part for Android users is that Google Play will offer them the option to verify the app, and Android will also scan on a regular basis for potentially harmful apps. The option to play your favourite online casino on mobile is now a reality and an exciting one.

For Google Play users it might be a little bit harder to download the app, but overall it is a simple and quick process.

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