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Playing online pokies in Australia in 2018 may seem like a straightforward task. Deposit money, spin the wheel, win some money. The truth is that there is quite a lot more going on beneath the surface, and a few key tips to keep in mind when playing online pokies. It is for these reasons we have decided to create a guide on how to play pokies for Aussie players. Here players will learn everything they need to know about how to play pokies games, including a step-by-step guide on playing online, a discussion on pokie rules as well as load of useful tips and strategies.

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How to Play Pokies and Win Big

There are no tricks to mastering online pokies as these games are purely based on chance. Thus, the rules of pokie games are quite simple and straightforward to understand.

Below we take a look at how to play pokies machine games as well as the layout of most games. Although these steps may not teach you how to win playing pokies, at least you’ll know what you’re doing while you’re playing.

Step 1: Picking the Right Pokie Game

Most of the best casino sites in Australia offer players the chance to explore hundreds of different pokie titles. With so many different options available to slots players, it can often be a little difficult for them to make a decision on the game best suited for you.

Basically, playing pokies online is a leisure activity, so you want to make sure that you pick a game with a theme that you actually think is interesting. Once you’ve found a game with a theme you like, you need to check the game’s payout percentage, total number of reels, jackpot amount and paytable to see whether it fits with your desires.

It’s fair to say that a good number of Aussie players know how to pick a machine but struggle with understanding how the game’s paylines work. We cover paylines in the next step.

Step 2: Pokie Game Buttons

The top row of an online pokie usually consists of a range of credit buttons. This is where the player chooses how many credits they want to wager on each reel or line on a spin.

When a player chooses one of the credit options, it will usually remain active until the player chooses another option. It will usually also have the collect button, which is used to cash out any winnings and transfer it back to the players’ casino account.

The bottom row on an online pokie usually consists of eight buttons. The first button is usually the “Take the Win” button. This allows pokies players to put their win into their account without continuing with any bonus games.

The next five buttons are related to each reel on the machine and each activates a spin. At the end of the row sits the “Start Feature” button. If a player wins a spin, and they receive a bonus, they use this button to activate it.

Step 3: Understanding Pokie Paylines

So, the number of payout lines featured in a pokie game depends on the game being played. Some games make use of only a single payout line whereas others allow players include additional pay line. Ultimately, the function of a payout line is to tell the player if they have won a wager.

We discuss spinning the reels of an online pokie in more depth down below.

How to Play Pokies in Australia

Step 4: Spinning the Reels of a Slot Machine Online

So, the basic steps to follow to spin are pretty straightforward.

Players first credit the pokie machine with whatever amount they wish to wager. Next, they select the amount they’d like to bet per line (these are usually preset amounts), and then a number of lines they’d like to bet on. Players can set their bet level for a single pay line or multiple pay lines at once.

The best way for players to ensure that they fully understand how each pokie game works is by playing it for free first. Most online casinos allow players to play their games without making a wager, to help them get a better understanding of the game.

Step 5: Learning Pokie Symbols

All pokie machine games generally tend to make use of pokie symbols that make use of the same gameplay dynamics. It doesn’t matter what theme the game make use of, or which symbol represents which gameplay function, they all perform the same sort of purpose.

Most online pokie games use of general card symbols, along with theme-specific images to represent special symbols. These special symbols include the following:

  • Scatter Symbols – these symbols trigger payouts and a game’s bonus feature when players are able to line up enough of them in a row. The larger the number of symbols you are able to line up, the larger the payout.
  • Bonus Symbols – although scatter symbols can trigger free spins bonus rounds, getting enough bonus symbols in a payline may activate a game’s separate special bonus feature. Some pokie games will require players to be playing all lines to activate the feature, whereas others may be somewhat more lenient.
  • Wild Symbols – also known as pokies jackpot symbols, wilds tend to stand in for another to form a winning combination. In some games, have dual functions, acting as a wild card and a multiplier. It is important to check the exact function of wild cards in each game you choose to play.

A Guide to Pokie Bonuses

Most pokie games give Aussie players the chance to increase their winnings with two in-game bonus rewards. These generally tend to be free spins bonuses (which are activated by getting enough scatter symbols in a line) or an extra bonus game mode (which is activated by getting enough bonus symbols in a line.

Ultimately, players should aim to learn how to play Australian slot machines that offer access to loads of opportunities to win in-game bonuses. By playing such games, they will not only increase their game time, but also their chances of winning big jackpots.

Top Pokie Strategies

As previously stated, there are any failproof pokies strategies as all these games are based on pure luck. However, there are a few how to play pokies tips each and every Australian player should keep in mind when playing pokies online.

If you follow these tips and strategies, you are sure to improve your overall online gaming experience.

Play Pokies Online in Australia

Lean Towards Playing Games with Lower Jackpot Amounts

We’ll all dream of winning a massive jackpot from our favourite progressive pokie game, but the reality of the situation is that only a few lucky people will ever do. The reason for this is that these games are hard to win with thousands if not millions of players needing to spin the reels before it a victory is ever see.

With games with smaller jackpots, players are more likely to see wins, even if for smaller amounts. If you’re keen on taking anything home at the end of your play session, you will need to leave the progressive jackpot titles alone and have a look at games with smaller payouts.

We’re not saying never play progressive jackpots, but don’t only play such titles if you are dead set on seeing some type of win.

Know When to Stop Playing

Part of learning how to play pokies is knowing when to stop playing. One of the greatest feelings in the world is winning a good sum of money while playing a good pokie title. Players experience an even better feeling when they know that they will be keeping all their prize money at the end of a game session and not lose it by getting greedy.

Remember that a gambler’s lucky streak could end at any time. It is in your own interest to stop playing when you’re on a winning streak as that way you won’t lose any of the prize money you’ve won.

Stick to Your Bankroll

Although gambling is a leisure activity, the threat of losing your hard-earned money is very real. Most players understand that when they gamble there is a good chance that they may never see a return on the money but take on the risk because they love the thrill of the game.

Aussie players should never gamble online with a bankroll that is outside of their means and should also never try to win money back if they lose their entire budgeted bankroll for a gaming session.

Basically, set a budget and stick to it. If you should lose money during a gaming session, accept it and hope to recoup it in your next gaming session instead of reacting emotionally to the situation.

Switch Games if You’re Not Winning

While pokies are all based on luck, if you’re not seeing any wins on a particular game, there is a good chance that no player will see any wins on the game for a while. Rather than continue on a losing streak for no reason, switch it up and try your luck on another amazing title.

You never know, you may just get lucky on a new machine.

Basic Pokie Odds

It is important to note that the odds for pokie titles differ on the basis of the game being played. Most online pokie games post return-to-player payout percentages between 92% and 99%, which is much higher than that seen in land-based casinos.

With regards to pokie bets and possible winning outcomes, it is important to refer to each pokie game’s paytable. Pay tables tell players exactly which combinations are required for winning bet and how much money can be won with each wager.

How to Beat Pokie Machines

How to Play Pokies on Mobile

Online pokies are some of the most popular mobile casino games. A simple to use yet intuitive interface, coupled with the ability to play anywhere and still win real money, is drawing in Australian players in droves. The top Aussie casino sites understand this which is why many also have exclusive bonuses that are tailored to mobile casino players.

Playing pokies on mobile is a very simple process. All Aussie players need to do is either open up a casino site in a mobile web-browser and begin playing their favourite games. Some sites make this process even easier with dedicated online gambling apps.

History of Online Pokie Machine Games

Pokies, otherwise known as slot machines, are the most popular casino games at land-based casinos around the world. They have evolved from the simpler one-armed bandit machines (named for the lever on the side of the machine that spun the mechanical pokie reels) into much more complex games, which necessitated the creation of how to play pokies guides.

Online pokies were some of the very first online casino games. They offered a simple to understand yet thrilling casino experiences. Original online pokies only offered three reels, like the one-armed bandits of the past.

As the complexity of Random Number Generators (RNGs) grew, so did the casino sites’ ability to offer more complex and higher paying games. Casino sites started offering online pokies with five and even seven reels. Although the odds are much higher of winning, the jackpots are much, much larger.

Today, online pokies are available on mobile as well as online casinos. Software suppliers are also heavily investing in virtual reality (VR) mobile slot games in 2018. Learn how to play pokies online at the best Australian casinos here.

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